Virtual Online Weddings: Bonding Hearts in the Digital Age

Virtual Online Weddings recently conducted their first real-time VOWs Ceremony, which utilizes popular video call apps to deliver interactive and emotionally moving wedding and renewal of vow ceremonies to couples around the world.

Chalong, Thailand, June 07, 2017 --( On 2nd June 2017 newly launched Virtual Online Weddings (VOWs) conducted their first online video call wedding ceremony. That’s not particularly ground breaking itself, as couples have been marrying each other online for quite a few years, said VOWs’ Virtual Celebrant, Mr. Barrett Agent.

However this was no simple live broadcast which most anyone can do with a smartphone or laptop nowadays, but a "virtually" created and decorated scene, with the couple beside the Virtual Celebrant during a customized Skype Group video call. Not only were the couple themselves in different locations, but so was the Virtual Celebrant – it was truly an international experience of love and bonding.

And it gets better: the virtual Bride was a Catholic Hispanic-American living in Colorado, USA, while the virtual Groom was a Muslim residing in a religiously strict Middle East country (undisclosed, as there is some chance he could experience some legal or other problems in his country for doing even a symbolic marriage with a non-Muslim).

Meanwhile the Virtual Celebrant performed the symbolic online ceremony from (predominantly) Buddhist Thailand and remarked afterwards, “Despite their distance in location, as well as differences in language and religion, I was very impressed with the couple’s strong and clearly true-hearted love for each other; I hope they realize all their dreams!”

But was it emotionally moving like a "real-life" wedding? Decide for yourself by checking out a short clip from the ceremony:

The couple themselves were extremely pleased, with the Bride afterward remarking via Skype Chat to the Virtual Celebrant: “OMG, [it] was great, I love it, thank you so much…you make me the most happy woman.”

Virtual Online Weddings (VOWs) was established in September 2016 and formally launched in May 2017, with the stated mission of using the positives of technology – primarily popular video chat apps such as Skype, Facebook LiveChat, Apple Face Time, WeChat, Jio Chat, etc. – to strength the loving bonds between couples around the globe.

According to Barrett Agent there are many others types of couples VOWs can help with their symbolic ceremonies: LGBTQ partners who might not be able to publicly celebrate their love; a soldier overseas about to go to battle who wants to connect with a loved one back home; sports people and adventurers out in nature (as long as they have decent Wi-Fi), engaged or newlywed couples who simply want to add another special element to their other proceedings.

Likewise VOWs Renewal Ceremonies represent a convenient and moving way for couples already married to re-energize and re-align their relationship.

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