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Mon.itor.Us Publishes 2007 Best Hosting Providers Study Results

Mon.itor.Us, a leading provider of free website monitoring, analyzed data of 70,000 of its customers’ sites during 2007 and published a new ISP performance comparative study. The study will help companies find a reliable hosting provider.

San Jose, CA, February 14, 2008 --( After monitoring approximately 70,000 Web sites during 2007, Mon.itor.Us compiled test results from each hosting provider and performed a statistical analysis on the data. From 200 to 300 and sometimes as many as 1000 Web sites per single ISP were monitored. Although uptime is a joint effort of the Internet Service Providers and its customers, when many customer sites are being monitored the statistics will reflect ISP service quality.

The company runs more than 11,000,000 checks on client Web sites every day, providing statistics on the providers rank according to real aggregated performance.

This data can be used for independent estimation and ranking of ISPs. The Mon.itor.Us study answers the important question of how businesses can measure service quality to secure a high service level agreement.

For business, Web site downtime is very expensive. Typically, forums and blogs provide information to those seeking a fast and reliable hosting service by comparing prices and features. Selecting a host by price, however, is dangerous because oftentimes these businesses utilize cheaper servers and infrastructure or lack sufficient staff for support and operations.

"Even customers have a difficult time realizing how often their Web site is unavailable to their target market until they start using our monitoring service," said Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO of Monitis Inc. "In addition, changing a provider can be very expensive, but our study can help professionals find a quality provider in the first place."

The research is available on’ site (

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