Retrospect™ Baby Boomer Story Website Surpasses 500 Shared Stories

Menlo Park, CA, June 11, 2017 --( Retrospect Media announced today that, the free online story-sharing community for the baby boom generation, has surpassed the milestone of 500 shared stories on the site.

“We’re thrilled that boomers are finding a welcoming place to capture and pass on the stories of their lives,” said co-founder Susan Hansen. “This milestone validates our conviction that, in a world of fake news and alternative facts, there’s real value in documenting and sharing our authentic experiences.”

Every Story Matters encourages boomers (born 1946–1964) to share their life stories using writing prompts designed to evoke memories and feelings. The 500+ stories on the crowdsourced website have been written by its members in response to a broad set of writing prompts, on such topics as Pets, Altered States, What We Ate, and Grandparents.

Co-founder Patricia Zussman said: “This diverse collection of stories demonstrates the power of shared experiences. At our age, people like to review their memories and put their lives into context. We’ve lived through it all, from Romper Room to The Walking Dead, flying cars to driverless cars, and draft cards to social security cards. It’s time for our generation to start telling those stories.”

Storytelling Builds Community
“What’s remarkable about this milestone is how a community has formed around the stories people share,” explained co-founder John Zussman. “Something magical happens when you share your experience with other Retrospect members.” Every one of the shared stories on the site has garnered comments from other members. Some readers go on to write another story in response when something they read triggers a memory.

While the site has attracted some notable authors, its philosophy is that writing style is less important than telling an authentic story as it was experienced. Retrospect’s team has worked to make the process easy and fun for everyone.

About Retrospect
Retrospect Media, Inc., was founded by three entrepreneurs, Patricia Zussman, Susan Hansen, and John Zussman. Boomers themselves, they have pooled their experience in technical and creative writing, technology, management, fundraising, and marketing. Retrospect’s mission is to help baby boomers preserve, pass on, and share their stories, experience, and wisdom.
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