Tarasafe Celebrates World Environment Day

Tarasafe organised an event to create awareness on World Environment Day

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 14, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Earlier we thought that the world’s resources were infinite, and people could use them in an unlimited manner to create businesses and grow humanity.

But today, we know that it is completely untrue. People and companies need to focus on finding sustainable ways to grow, while protecting the planet and the resources we have left.

Tarasafe is one such company that believes in environment friendly working culture. In its attempt to be resource efficient, Tarasafe, has made its factory a Green Building. The structure and the application of processes are environmentally responsible which allow sufficient natural light and clean air that helps to improve work efficiency.

Tarasafe, to increase awareness, also organises and participates in many nature friendly events. On this World Environment Day, 5th June, being in sync with the 2017's theme: Reconnecting you to nature, Tarasafe, organised an event named "Lend a hand for greener world."

In this event, the employees of Tarasafe proactively participated in planting trees in their factory premises. The event started in the morning with planting of the sapling one by one. They covered a stretch of the site boundary with seven saplings. The enthusiastic tree planting team took this responsibility very religiously and succeeded in completing the task in few hours.

"Nature elevates the human spirit. It ignites passion, inspiration, creativity and purpose. We are proud to have organised 'Lend a hand for greener world' to do our bit for the environment," said Mr. Basant Lohia, Managing Director of TaraSafe International “World Environment Day was a reminder to connect with nature and this fun-filled event not only added fun to work life but also boosted team spirit amongst the co-workers.”

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Tarasafe's goal is to enhance worker safety & provide better wearing comfort thus improving productivity and creating confidence of the wearer.

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