Serial Entrepreneur Kike-Lola Odusanya Releases New Book

Serial entrepreneur Kike-Lola Odusanya releases a new book that is part memoir, part guide on how to leave the corporate world, become your own boss, and start living the life you've dreamed of.

Atlanta, GA, June 15, 2017 --( "My Boss Is Me." is the new book by serial entrepreneur Kike-Lola Odusanya, the founder of the popular My Boss Is Me Movement, that provides the reader with a firsthand account of what it takes to start a business.

The book is now on available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or at

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and business coach she is also a mother, speaker and now, author. Her book, "My Boss Is Me." details her personal struggles to leave the corporate world and step out on her own as her own boss, how she built her first six figure business and what steps others need to take to set out on their own and build a profitable business.

Her target audience is women of color who are either new to entrepreneurship or in the early stages of building a business but don’t know where to go with it.

“My book is real conversation about what it takes to build a business and quit your nine to five,” says Odusanya. “I took many of my experiences over the last 10 years and brought them together in the form of notes to provide insight into planning a business, launching that business, building customers and keeping a successful attitude. My goal with both coaching and mentorship groups is to help women make that transition from employee to owner so they can start living the life of their dreams.”

"My Boss Is Me" is not only a planning guide, but also a manual for successful living. When people follow their dreams instead of the crowd they receive substantial benefits that cannot be measured in dollars. For Odusanya the spiritual and emotional journey in entrepreneurship is as important as the physical one. She believes that once someone makes that life-changing decision to become her own boss, she’s ultimately making a positive choice that will result in personal fulfillment. “For me it has always been about more than money, although that is a powerful reason to start a business,” says Odusanya. “I want to be the one calling the shots, making the decisions, and steering the outcome. I want to help others gain that experience.”

"My Boss Is Me" can be found online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or at

About The Author

Kike-Lola Odusanya is the founder of "My Boss Is Me," a virtual global business and personal development firm. She's a “serial entrepreneur” and a network marketing industry professional best known for a straight-shooting, results-driven approach to business and life.

Odusanya believes entrepreneurial experience encompasses life skills that all women should develop as a way to reach their fullest potential. That’s why she refers to entrepreneurial experience as the ultimate life skill. She is on a mission to help women around the world see their deepest desires and dreams come to fruition through what she calls “the gift of entrepreneurship.”

She realizes business ownership is not for everyone, but Odusanya believes all women can benefit by exploring the mindset, talents and knowledge of successful entrepreneurs and take control of their lives, proudly declaring, “My Boss Is Me.”
My Boss Is Me
Kike-Lola Odusanya