True Blue Coffee Roasters Gives Hometown Hero a Taste of Home

West Virginia Gourmet Coffee Roaster continues their support for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan by shipping a free case of Organic Fair Trade Coffee to a local soldier.

Old Fields, WV, February 14, 2008 --( When Jeff Hyre received a copy of the Moorefield Examiner while stationed in Iraq, he immediately noticed the front page picture and article about True Blue Coffee Roasters. Having grown up in Moorefield, he was surprised to see that an Organic Fair Trade coffee company had opened in his hometown.

The next phone call home, Jeff asked his father, George Hyre, to check out the Moorefield coffee roaster and purchase a pound or two of Organic Fair Trade coffee.

Mr. Hyre drove over to the roasting shop and was delighted by what he found. “As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted by the wonderful smell of roasting coffee,” he said. “It’s really wonderful.”

When Mr. Hyre explained that he was buying the coffee to ship to his son, a member of the military fighting in Iraq, the owners wouldn’t hear of it. “Jeff is putting his life on the line for all Americans. We wouldn’t let his dad purchase a couple pounds of coffee, because we wanted to send an entire case of coffee directly to him, so he could share it with his troopmates,” Linda Keller, Executive Vice President of True Blue Coffee Roasters said. “He is our hometown hero, and we are proud of the work that he and his troops are doing.”

True Blue Coffee Roasters assembled a case of 2 oz bags containing a mixture of their delicious blends and single estate coffees. “This is such a small gesture to say thank you to our men and women fighting overseas.” Mrs. Keller said. “We truly hope they enjoy every bag of it. If they want more, we will send it to them. While the war in Iraq may be controversial, supporting our troops is not. We support them now, and we will continue to support them. When Jeff gets home, we will be here with a pot of coffee waiting to welcome him home.”

About True Blue Coffee Roasters
True Blue Coffee Roasters, located high in the mountains of Eastern West Virginia, expertly roasts the freshest Organic Fair Trade gourmet coffees-which were made available to the public in July 2006. Exceedingly passionate and consistent with their super-premium line of gourmet coffees, True Blue Coffee Roasters will settle for nothing short of perfection. For their customers, this guarantees a memorable gourmet coffee experience every time. For more information, please visit at

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