Reality Today Forum Discovers Woman Who Wants to Share Her Incredible Story to Warn Others About Romantic Internet Scams

“This horrific story needs to be told,” says CEO of Reality Today Forum.

St. Paul, MN, June 19, 2017 --( An average woman aims to share her frightening and heartbreaking journey with others so that they can avoid romantic scams.

Reality Today Forum has learned about an ordinary woman who goes to work at her job and spends time with friends and family. Until recently, her life had been relatively uneventful. A few years ago, she met a charming photographer with whom she eventually fell in love with, thus initiating a chain of events that ended in an FBI investigation. For the first time, she reveals the shocking details of how her romance took a wrong turn and ended with intimate photos of her being proliferated across the Internet.

“This horrific story needs to be told,” says CEO of Reality Today Forum.

Reality Today Forum is assisting this woman with the publicity for her story and search for a publisher. “I’m taking my story to the press and to blogs so that I can help other people avoid what happened to me,” she says. “I thought I was meeting the man of my dreams. I thought I had met this charismatic world traveler and professional photographer, and instead I was one of many young women being used by this high school teacher to make him rich.”

After their relationship ended, she went back to her life, but a few years later wondered what happened to him. As she looked him up online, she discovered that he was selling intimate photos of her.

“That devastated me,” she said. “I set out to confront him, but when I saw his living circumstances were so sad, he was slightly disabled, and had such a sad story of how he got there, I wanted to help him and give him another chance.”

Her compassion soon dried up when she discovered that she was one of many women he had used for profit. Her reason for sharing the story with others is to help people learn about internet safety and what options they have when their privacy is stolen and sold for profit.

“The story gets worse,” she claims. “This one is like a Lifetime story because it turns out that this man was taking photos of lots of women for the purpose of blackmailing them later. I want people to hear the story. I want people to understand the signs. I can’t change things and I will never be able to get my photos completely removed from the internet. I want my story told to prevent this from happening to anyone else.”

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