Life Glow Launches Biotin 5000 mcg Giveaway on

Life Glow Products is having a special 4-day Amazon Giveaway for its Biotin 5000 mcg capsules.

Carson City, NV, June 22, 2017 --( Life Glow Products has just announced a special Amazon giveaway to welcome the return of its Biotin supplement online. The event was launched on last Monday, June 19th and will be concluded this Thursday, June 22th. The prize involves a 60-capsule bottle of Life Glow Biotin for hair growth, which will be awarded to 30 lucky individuals at the end of the contest period.

No purchase is necessary to qualify for the giveaway. Participants only need to be above 18 years of age, with a U.S. shipping address and an account at Once these basic requirements are met, contestants just have to complete a simple survey to automatically get an entry.

“This new giveaway is an extension of the special Biotin sale we did last week. We were so happy with the positive reception to the relaunching of our Biotin 5000 mcg that we’ve decided to hold another contests so that more people will know about our Biotin for healthy hair, skin and nails,” said a spokesperson for Life Glow Products.

Up to 30 winners will be drawn when the Amazon giveaway officially ends on June 22, 2017 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. The selected individuals will each receive a bottle and have the opportunity to try the supplement for themselves.

“We’re giving away our Biotin 5000 mcg supplements for free because we want more people to discover the benefits of Biotin for the body. Aside from encouraging cellular energy production and amino acid metabolism, Biotin is also particularly helpful for those who are dealing with thin hair, brittle nails and dull skin. So if you’re one of the lucky contestants who will receive a bottle, we only ask that you try our product and tell us how you like it by shooting an email to We’d really love to hear from you guys!” The Life Glow spokesperson further remarked.

Interested individuals can enter the Biotin giveaway now at

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Life Glow Products is the health division of Charles C Harmon Co LLC. The brand is a trusted source of Biotin vitamins and other dietary supplements for better health.
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