An "Artful" Home Staging Transformation by DaVinci Designer Gallery Substantially Increases Property's List Price

Thoughtful redesign and art that is focused on a pre-determined buyer adds value and allure to a home.

Boston, MA, June 24, 2017 --( “Home staging is simply packaging a product for sale and the vision for your staging design should appeal to the most likely consumer,” says Interior Designer/ stager, Maureen Reddy, owner of DaVinci Designer Gallery, Winthrop MA. “I use art on my staging projects to unify spaces, direct your eye to best features of the home, and to evoke a feeling that will appeal to a particular buyer,” Reddy continues, “Completing a staging project with art is like finishing an outfit with jewelry. For instance, wearing pearls can lend sophistication to a nondescript dress, but pair costume jewelry with that same dress and a casual and fun tone is achieved. Wearing too much jewelry may prevent you from appreciating the ensemble at all. When staging a home for sale, it’s important to determine your most likely buyer and 'dress' the home accordingly.”

The homeowner at 240 Atlantic Ave. Swampscott, MA is an accomplished multimedia artist and her property was completely filled with an impressive collection of her art and other valuable works. For an art enthusiast this home was akin to a mini museum, for potential home buyers though, the art was an obstacle in seeing the house at all. After this property sat on the market last year with no interest or offers, the homeowner decided to enlist staging services from DaVinci Designer Gallery.

Reddy, who has staged and designed spaces for 20+ years, determined that the most likely buyer for this seaside property would be a young family. After Reddy orchestrated a four week transformation, which included interior painting, carpet installation, bathroom re-dos, and added furniture and decor, it was time to complete the staging process by installing the art. Most pieces that originally donned the expansive Tudor were stored because there were too many pieces and the museum-quality art created a “hands off” feeling instead of a “family friendly” vibe.

Relatable and casual art was brought in from Reddy’s warehouse and placed in the children’s rooms, family room, and den, allowing for a less “fussy” environment. Two notable sculptures, created by the owner, added elegance to the dining room without being pretentious and the owner’s collection of jellyfish paintings, hanging on the back deck, are whimsical and inviting.

With the house almost complete, Reddy found that the most important space in the home, the entry hall, was empty and in desperate need of a piece that was neutral enough to allow the house to shine but interesting enough to beckon a buyer. She turned to nearby Arnould Gallery, Marblehead MA, where she leased a piece of art for a 90 day period.

The art that Reddy chose “Summer Solstice” by famed artist, Anne Packard, is hauntingly beautiful and captures a single row boat set against a green-grey backdrop, the perfect hint of coastal living. Its base color matches the faux finished floor of the entry and sweeps your eyes up the grand staircase. This chosen art is deliberate and performs its function seamlessly, not interrupting the eye of the potential buyer but coaxing it to move easily into the property.

The result of the staging was incredible. Each room was carefully redesigned to include art that would direct your eyes to a feature of the home, guide you to another room, or appeal to a particular audience.

After this staging project was complete and the home was “dressed for success,” the property returned to the market with a substantial $111,000 added to the list price, proving that, attention to detail and perfecting your packaging result in a more valuable and desirable product.
DaVinci Designer Gallery
Maureen Reddy