PRIDE: The Series Now on Amazon

Season 1 of PRIDE: The Series is now streaming on Amazon.

Los Angeles, CA, June 27, 2017 --( Season 1 of PRIDE: The Series is seven episodes that introduce us into the mind of Kai and everything is not what it seems. The perspective of Season 1 seems to shift between Kai’s and his friends’. Those friends who are unknowingly muses to Kai’s imagination. With every new episode, it becomes more difficult for Kai to discern what is real in his life and what he has created through his on-line persona. And when this on-line persona takes a life of his own, the people he loves have targets on their back. Season 1 stars: Dorell Anthony, Ashley Mitchell, Whitney Hoy, Adam Rios, Ilene Kristen, Lauren B. Martin, and Braden Bradley. Season 1 was directed by Brandon Polanco (Writer's Block ft. Bryan Cranston).

For Season 2, Michael V Pomarico will come on as series director, but show creator Dorell Anthony is excited to be in talks with guest directors. The new season will continue the story of Kai and his friends, as well as showcase a lot of issues mirroring the world we live in currently. Adding to the cast in Season 2 are: Terissa Kelton, Tony D. Head, Scott Turner Schofield, and Vincent De Paul.

Most recently, PRIDE: The Series held an event in New York in which they partnered up with The Trevor Project and had several guest speakers and performers. During the event, necklaces were showcased by Kate Mesta Jewelry featuring the Embrace Your Pride motto & their Indiegogo campaign was also launched.
PRIDE: The Series
Desiree L. Russell