New Book by R. Kelley Otani Delves Into Mind’s Ability to Help Heal the Body

Dog Ear Publishing reviews a new book that focuses on the connection between the mind, emotions and health, written by a physician who wanted to create new ways to treat his patients.

Chico, CA, June 27, 2017 --( Patients have long known there is a connection between emotions, disease and pain. Doctors are beginning to realize that connections exists as well, and one physician has created a new book released by Dog Ear Publishing that offers step-by-step tools to improve happiness and health.

It took Dr. R. Kelley Otani 10 years to write “Paradox of Conscious Healing,” which is designed to appeal to a wide range of readers with chronic illnesses and the healthcare providers who care for them. It explores the power of both the mind and spirituality, as well as mind-body healing, inspired by his patients with illnesses who faced a lifetime of treatment and medication, sometimes without resolution. As he writes, “Often, it isn’t the disease that causes suffering for the patient but the impact the disease has in disrupting one’s life and relationships with others.”

Actual patients have been clinically tested on the practices detailed in the book to verify that they work. In addition, Otani began a holistic program for his patients based on the book’s ideas. The result changed both the doctor and his patients, helping patients with their pain and all aspects of their illnesses, relationships and economic reality.

The author’s journey in writing the book included him stepping away from his medical practice to find cures for that which was deemed incurable. Finding a different focus than traditional medicine and its accompanying drugs and technology, he began to study the consciousness, psychology and spiritual healing practices of different religions, as well as nontraditional healing practices such as energy medicine. Time he spent with indigenous healers such as a Native American woman healer, an Inuit shaman, a Lakota medicine man and a Hawaiian healer provided insights.

Realizing that he seemed mostly to be treating the symptoms of patients rather than the diseases that caused them and having limited success, he was inspired to explore a greater understanding of the workings of mind and its connection to the physical body. The book follows his journey of exploration for his patients, as well as the scientific evidence between emotional pain and physical pain, the results of stress, physiology and power of the mind and foundations for mind-body healing, as well as testimonials from patients. As he writes, ‘When combining medical science with these mind-body-concepts, healing can be maximized, and miracles can happen.”

Otani is a board-certified physician who specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The University of California, Davis, graduate did his residency at the University of Washington. He spent 20 years as medical director at Chico Community Hospital and Enloe Hospital in California before combining his decade-long research into psychological and spiritual healing with his medical training.

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Paradox of Conscious Healing
R. Kelley Otani
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5114-7 170 pages $15.95 US Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5280-9 $9.99 US eBook

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