Empowered Phoenix Announces September is Money Month Powered by National Bank of Arizona

Phoenix, AZ, July 01, 2017 --(PR.com)-- September 2017 will officially be Money Month in the Valley of the Sun, powered by National Bank of Arizona.

Since Empowered Phoenix (Empowered PhXX) was launched almost two years ago, participants in the innovative women’s business collaborative have learned two important pieces of information: very little local data exists about the needs of women business owners, but access to capital and financial management are needs expressed over and over by female entrepreneurs.

By working with National Bank of Arizona, Empowered PhXX will be able to execute a large scale survey and research study of Metro-Phoenix-based women-owned businesses. At the same time, the organization will be coordinating and promoting a month-long series of events executed by its collaborators, and creating additional on-line tools and educational resources.

“A collaborative effort, we have asked all of our community partners to talk about money,” explains Kristin Slice, Business Analyst with the Maricopa Small Business Development Center who helped to found Empowered PhXX. “We will be elevating all of our marketing efforts, improving collaboration between partners, increasing accessibility of resources to female entrepreneurs, and using this opportunity to communicate the economic value of women-owned businesses in Phoenix.”

Money Month will be powered by National Bank of Arizona, but it will be a community effort. “Working with the Bank team to use their sponsorship and the additional exposure opportunities, we are also able to launch the official survey,” she continues. “At each money-focused event during September, attendees will be asked to complete our survey.”

“For over 32 years, since our founding in Tucson, National Bank of Arizona has been honored to have among its clients some of the best and brightest business owners and entrepreneurs in Arizona,” says Edward Leyba, Senior Vice President, Business Banking Regional Manager. “It is upon that legacy that we have formed a new business banking group, which is dedicated to providing the products, services and expertise that diverse and women business owners expect from their bank.

“National Bank of Arizona Money Month is open to all business owners, regardless of background or gender because we recognize not all businesses and business owners are the same,” Leyba explains. “This is why we strive to build a genuine relationship with each and every client and this is why we wanted to launch Money Month. It’s one more way in which we can create value for our clients.”

Slice adds that the overall goal of Money Month is to support female entrepreneurship and that encompasses many financial issues including: access to capital, financial management, personal finance, debt aversion, investors understanding the higher ROI of female led firms, crowd funding, and many more.

“We have created guidelines using the best available national research to help elevate the caliber of events and resources around money,” Slice adds. “In addition to the Aug. 29 launch and individual events, we will have a website with a comprehensive event calendar, resources and tools around money, an interactive marketing campaign promoting all money month activities, and much more.”

Organizations that would like to commit to a specific Money Month event to place on the Empowered PhXX calendar should contact Kristin Slice with details at Kristin.slice@domail.maricopa.edu.

About Empowered PhXX
Empowered PhXX is a collective community of stakeholders - women business owners, women entrepreneurs, women’s initiatives, economic development agencies, networking groups, and civic and corporate leaders and organizations. It uses an innovative, grassroots approach to economic development that focuses on leveraging the fastest growing population of business owners in the country -women. For more information, visit www.empowered-phxx.com.
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