Publisher of Sheen Magazine (Mrs. Kimberly Chapman) a Reality Star?

Greenvile, SC, July 01, 2017 --( When you think of a modern day “Renaissance Women,” Mrs. Kimberly Chapman is definitely a name that should be mentioned. Chapman is one of the great entrepreneurs and innovators in the American south. With beauty, ambition and intellect - she is a living legend. CEO-Owner/ Publisher/Creator of Multi-Million Dollar conglomerate Sheen Magazine/Nairobi Hair Products/Chapman Foundation/Philanthropist, what else needs to be said? Therefore, it should come as no surprise that “Reality Television” would eventually “Come-a-Knocking.” When Coco Child Productions (in conjunction with Bizzwerx) called Chapman answered. As the newest cast member of “Bosses Unplugged,” Chapman along with fellow cast members will “Unplug” from their communication devices. The cast (celebrities in their own rights and/or high profile talent) will be guests in a multi-million dollar mansion with a “Celebrity” chef, access to masseuses, acupuncturists, servants and other indulgences. Think it will be easy? You just watch what happens when you take 12 “Bosses” unplug them, and say there is little (or no) access to cell phones or laptops for a week.

About Mrs. Kimberly Chapman
Chapman, a graduate of Southern Wesley University, lives and breathes the word visionary as the co-creator of Chapman Products Inc. Chapman Products Inc. is the umbrella that houses Nairobi Professional, Congo Professional, Kerefena Natural Hair Smoothing System, Chapman Foundation Inc., and Sheen Magazine. With her illuminating zeal for people and immeasurable organization of business infrastructure, Chapman oversees them all. She began her empire with a dream - a distinct vision of Chapman Products being a household name around the world for all cultures and ethnicities. Chapman Products has over 200 distributors, 32 employees, and has a thriving international footprint. Chapman Foundation donates a minimum of $250,000 per year to children in the Deep South and abroad. Mrs. Chapman is married to chemist William P. Chapman, Jr. and has been married for over 27 years. They have two children, William “Tre” Chapman, III and Antonia Chapman-Merced (Rafi-Diyn Quiles-Merced). She has one grandchild Little Rafi (and another on the way).

Bosses Unplugged

Bosses Unplugged is a one-hour (twelve-episode) series studying the behaviors of “Top Tier” Bosses and Entrepreneurs as they are forced to “Unplug” from all electronic devises and self-inflicted mental chatter. This cast (like most) operates within a society driven by technological advances and instant gratification. They are used to massive amounts of unfiltered information constantly connecting them to everyone and everything. Now, more than ever before the world is operating at lighting speed. The ways in which one traditionally lived, worked, played and even rested, have changed forever proving to be both a blessing and a curse. As the like buttons’ value moves one up the social currency ladder, life values seem to be at an all-time low. Becoming the “Olivia Pope” of our own lives by: trying to solve problems before they arise (catching bullets with our teeth), the need to stop, get off of the ride for a moment and just breathe, is equally important. Those who are often referred to as Bosses, entrepreneurs, business owners or those in leadership roles, find it very difficult in fact almost impossible, to unplug. While the cast treads on unknown territory, it creates an unstable environment and breakdown is imminent. The fear of missing one phone call (or message), or just a few minutes of social media’s illusion of connection, along with the need to appear totally put together, creates anxiety and internal chaos so powerful, once one person breaks down, it begins a chain reaction. Can the group develop real connections? Will human nature and solid values take over? Stay tuned.

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