Aroma Bravo Reveals the Pros of Using Arabica vs Robusta Coffee Beans

Aroma Bravo tells readers why it prefers arabica beans over robusta beans for its roasted coffee products.

Carson City, NV, July 01, 2017 --( When it comes to coffee bean varieties, there’s only one type that Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea prefers for its roasted coffee products. The answer is Arabica, which makes up around 70% of the international coffee bean market. Arabica beans are actually favored by professional roasters, baristas and serious coffee lovers because they produce a far more delicious cup of coffee than the second most popular cultivar, the Robusta bean.

For the average coffee consumer, choosing between Arabica and Robusta beans may not matter much but for the specialty coffee lover, the type of bean makes all the difference.

“There’s a reason why Arabica beans are widely used for specialty coffee production. They have a softer, sweeter flavor and higher acidity levels which are needed to make great coffee. On the other hand, Robusta beans are stronger and bitterer with less acidity, so they are more suitable for instant coffee,” an expert from Aroma Bravo explained.

Because of the huge advantage in taste and acidity, Arabica whole beans have now become the standard not just for specialty cafés but also for gourmet coffee lovers who want to brew the best coffee beans at home.

“You can extract more subtle flavors from Arabica beans compared to Robusta beans. The taste will depend on where the Arabica beans are grown and how they are roasted, so you have more room to experiment and create different types of coffees. This is why coffee professionals really like to work with Arabica varieties,” added the expert.

The Arabica is considered to be the first type of coffee bean to be cultivated. It has been around for ages but the fact that it is still around today says a lot about the power of this variety. The beans can be found in top coffee producing countries such Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica and Kenya.

“Our brand exclusively sources organic Arabica beans from the coffee-growing region of Marcala, Honduras. It is easily one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made because the roasted coffees we’ve produced from the beans are simply more flavorful. Give our Honduras whole bean coffee a try and you’ll see what we mean,” the Aroma Bravo expert further remarked.

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