TVS Television Network Revives IWA Wrestling at The Dome in Bakersfield on August 3rd with an All Star GALLI Lucha Event

TVS Network, which founded IWA Wrestling in 1975, has joined with GALLI Lucha to present monthly live pro wrestling events at The Dome in Bakersfield. The events will be telecast on various TVS TV Networks as well as released on TVS Home Video. The Dome hosted Thursday Night Pro Wrestling for 40 Years and is now resuming that tradition.

Bakersfield, CA, July 03, 2017 --( TVS Television Network, which founded IWA Wrestling in 1975, will stage a revival of that TV series at The Dome in Bakersfield, with the first match on Thursday, August 3rd, at 7pm. IWA Wrestling was the first national wrestling on TV and was presented on TVS on more than 100 broadcast TV stations in 1975 and 1976.

GALLI Lucha, the Chicago based Pro Wrestling troupe, will provide a full event of their champions as the IWA looks to replace Mil Mascaras as their IWA Champion.

GALLI Lucha has presented weekly Chicago-based pro wrestling for the past several years and for the past two years has been featured on TVS Television Network.

The Dome is a 1500 seat historic venue in Bakersfield, CA. It featured pro wrestling every Thursday night for 40 years before closing in 2012. It is now refurbished and reopening with Thursday Night Wrestling once again beginning August 3rd at 7pm. Beginning with this show, TVS will present Pro Wrestling on the first Thursday of each month at The Dome.

In 1975, TVS founded IWA Wrestling to become the first wrestling to appear on National TV. Prior to that, all wrestling was produced and televised on a local basis. The IWA included Ernie Ladd, Tex McKenzie, Bulldog Brower, The Might Igor, The Love Brothers, Rip Hawk, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Thunderbolt Patterson, and Argentina Apollo.

TVS currently produces 250 TV events each year including bowling, boxing, arm wrestling, billiards golf, auto racing, darts, MMA, and wrestling. TVS began producing TV programming in 1960 and was best known for its coverage of collegiate basketball for 25 years. TVS also covered the World Football League, NASCAR, Indy Car, Grand Prix, ATP TEnnis, LPBT Bowling, NASL Soccer, AIAW Championships, Alan King Tennis, and many other national sports events.

TVS programming appears on broadcast stations, cable networks, IPTV, OTT, and Mobile platforms. All TVS programming is advertising supported, with ad sales handled by Jerry Wolff of The Bluefish Group.

The August 3rd IWA Wrestling event at THe Dome in Bakersfield begins a regular schedule of live events at The Dome, presented by TVS for television. Other sports being presented by TVS at The Dome are boxing, arm wrestling, MMA, and roller derby.
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