www.wherecani.live Launches

A unique web service that helps you discover where in the world you can live.

London, United Kingdom, July 05, 2017 --(PR.com)-- A new, revolutionary web service, www.wherecani.live, has been launched to help people from all over the world discover the incredible opportunities available to them for living and working abroad. With an increasingly turbulent world and a globally mobile population, this is a service made for our times.

“It’s an idea that sprung from Brexit,” commented Founder Alison Johnson, “I have been fortunate to live in many parts of the world and now reside near Barcelona, Spain with my family. We rely on my United Kingdom (UK) citizenship to be able to stay here. Once Britain is no longer part of the European Union (EU), nobody really knows whether UK citizens will be able to easily live in the EU Luckily after a conversation on a train, I learned I was eligible for an Irish passport through my grandmother. What a relief! I then wondered whether we could help other people discover whether they could get another passport or residency in another country and WhereCanI.Live was born!”

An easy, five minute step-by-step introduction helps gather your specific information, while our specially formulated algorithms are applied to a verified database of government and immigration department information. The result is an instant, personalised list of all the countries you can live in and details about immigration rules that could apply to you. The report includes a map which is sharable on social media platforms.

Co-founder Ian Ryder stated, “We believe we are the first website to offer this unique and personalised service. When we started investigating we found that unearthing clear, accurate and up-to-date information on a global scale was incredibly difficult. Months have been spent researching, collating, translating and thoroughly checking immigration information to bring our clients the most legitimate and up to date information available anywhere.”

Johnson added, “Two key areas of immigration law have been focused on. The first is your family, your ancestry, and that of a partner, which is key in accessing foreign residency and citizenship. The second is through investment. Amazingly, there are close to 100 countries offering migration through investment. In the past, access to investment migration was perceived to be limited to the wealthy. However, the reality is that small amounts of investment, including purchasing a home to live in, can open many doors. This innovative system can rapidly tell you which countries you could apply to, depending on how much you can invest. Other options include retirement visas with many countries offering access if you can prove an income stream, this can even include your pension!”

WhereCanI.Live also provides helpful resources for exploring countries that you may be eligible to live in. Official statistics have been gathered on Quality of Life, Cost of Living and Average Disposable Income too. You can even compare countries to see how they stack up against places you know or are interested in.

With Brexit being a particularly current area of interest, WhereCanI.Live will also help UK citizens see how possible Brexit scenarios will impact on their prospects of accessing residency and citizenship.
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