Aroma Bravo Appreciates the Effort of Honduran Coffee Farmers

Aroma Bravo shows appreciation for its Honduran coffee farmers by creating a profit-sharing system to ensure proper compensation.

Carson City, NV, July 08, 2017 --( Nowadays, it is so easy and convenient to buy gourmet coffee beans. One can just order a bag of coffee online and brew away at home using their favorite French press, moka pot or pour over dripper. In fact, home brewing has become so convenient these days that most people just take it for granted and do not even appreciate the coffee that they drink every day.

Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea, an organic company based in Nevada, knows exactly what it takes to produce high quality coffee beans. Being in the specialty coffee and tea business, the company has learned the entire coffee production process—starting from planting the Arabica coffee beans in the mountains of Honduras, right down to packaging them to seal in the freshness.

Seeing the tremendous effort of the Honduran coffee farmers who cultivate and handpick the Arabica beans has given the company a deeper appreciation for Honduras whole bean coffee.

“What they do is really not easy; it takes a lot of skill and hard work. They deserve to be paid well for their efforts but that current reality is that 70% of the world’s coffee is supplied by peasant farmers who receive so much less in return. The majority of them only earn around $2 for every kilo of coffee beans sold in cafés and shops, and that’s very unjust in my opinion,” says an Aroma Bravo representative.

To make sure that their Honduran coffee farmers are compensated properly for their laborious work, Aroma Bravo has set up a profit-sharing system so that each farmer will get their equal share.

“We know how much the livelihood of the coffee farmers depends on the coffee beans that they grow, that’s why we’ve created this special profit-sharing system for them. We want to pay them well and let them know how grateful we are for their great role in producing the organic Arabica beans that we source for our Aroma Bravo Honduras coffee products,” the representative remarked.

He also advised coffee lovers to take some time to acknowledge the collective effort of everyone involved in the coffee production process. “From the farmers, roasters and packagers, everyone are doing their best to produce the best coffee beans for your complete enjoyment. So never waste good coffee. Savor each sip and thank the workers who worked so hard to bring them to you.”

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Aroma Bravo offers certified organic Honduras coffee beans. Grown in organic farms and roasted in small batches, Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee is highly recommended for coffee lovers.
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