The Rules of Acquisition Podcast Goes Full Bearded Sisko with Season 4 of Deep Space Nine

Television Podcast enters important milestone.

Brooklyn, NY, July 15, 2017 --( On Monday July, 17 The Rules of Acquisition goes where few podcasts have gone before: Season 4 of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. While many other DS9 review podcasts skip to later episodes or release slowly and inconsistently, The RoA has covered every episode of seasons one, two, and three every week without fail over the past 73 weeks. New listeners are encouraged to jump on at Season 4 and admire Captain Sisko’s beard and shaved head, a milestone regarded by some nerds on the internet as where the series really hits its stride.

Releasing every Monday with occasional supplemental episodes, hosts Wade Bowen, James Nolen, and Hugh Crawford delve into the scenes, themes and characters of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with jokes and behind the scenes trivia about the production. Episodes are explored within the context of the entire DS9 series arc, 90’s tv, Star Trek, and also where the show stands in comparison to the television of today. Listener voices and opinions are also featured via feedback hotline number or emailed response.

Wade Bowen, from the Rules of Acquisition Podcast says, “With Star Trek Discovery claiming to be the first serialized Trek show, I think we are in a good place to be insufferable and point out how DS9 may have gone there before, what makes the series so important, and how it relates to the tv we currently love.”

“Best podcast about the best series of Star Trek,” says Twiggyflow, a regular listener from Australia

Janeyyyyyyy [sic] on iTunes says, “... the preachy TUMBLR tier social justice rambling has to stop. Very irritating!”

About the Hosts

Wade Bowen lives in Brooklyn, NY and is exactly like you think.

James Nolen is a writer, maker of anti alt-right youtube videos, and stay-at-home father. He lives in Memphis, TN with his wife and two children.

Hugh Crawford draws the weekly comic strip Crimes Against Hugh's Manatees. He lives in Joplin, MO with his wife and their three children.

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