ePLAN Conforms to the NSPM

The Cost Effectiveness evaluation tool for Energy Utilities, conforms with the new National Standard Practice Manual (NSPM) guidelines.

Sugar Land, TX, July 17, 2017 --(PR.com)-- ANB Systems, Inc.'s Cost Effectiveness evaluation tool, ePLAN for energy efficiency and demand response programs of Transmission and Distribution Utilities (TDU), conforms to the National Standard Practice Manual (NSPM) guidelines and the new Resource Value Framework and the Resource Value Test. NSPM provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the cost effectiveness of Energy Efficiency resources, and it is applicable for all the utilities, regulators, program managers, and even jurisdictions where energy efficiency resources are funded by and implemented on behalf of electric or gas utility customers.

Upon review of the NSPM, ANB Systems’ Chief Executive Officer, S. Balakrishnan said, “ePLAN offers the capability for each jurisdiction to develop its own cost benefit tests as recommended in the NSPM, giving the flexibility to include costs and benefits that they believe are applicable to them.” Bala also stated, “ePLAN is a tool that not only works for planners and evaluators, but also computes cost effectiveness on the go as measures and projects are implemented within programs.”

ePLAN effectively replaces the cumbersome spreadsheet method of assessing Cost Effectiveness and facilitates instantaneous evaluation during the implementation phase of a program. The following are the major advantages:
· Single dashboard view
· Seamless integration with energy efficiency tracking tool
· User perspective analysis at various levels and stages of a program
· Quick assessment of Benefits to Cost ratio

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Balaji Vijayaraghavan