Aroma Bravo Amazon 3-Day Prime Sale Concludes Successfully

Aroma Bravo’s recently concluded sale has not only boosted sales but also garnered attention to the delightful taste of Honduras coffee.

Carson City, NV, July 16, 2017 --( Just this Wednesday, Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea concluded its special 3-day Amazon Prime sale. The event attracted hundreds of coffee lovers to order the brand’s medium dark roast coffee which was sold at 20% off. The huge discount on the gourmet coffee beans boosted the sales on, thereby making the 3-day sale a great success for the beverage company.

“Lots of coffee enthusiasts ordered our Honduras gourmet coffee beans online. Many of them even ordered more than two bags to take advantage of the price reduction. It was amazing to see all these serious coffee lovers rushing to buy our coffee because it means it agrees with their discriminating tastes,” said a company official.

In a span of three days, Aroma Bravo was able to increase sales, gain new valuable customers, as well as spread the good word about the deliciousness of Honduras coffee beans. The sale served as a wonderful opportunity to get more people interested in the rich and smooth flavor of coffee from Honduras.

“There’s no doubt that Ethiopian and Colombian coffees are excellent, but Honduran coffee can be just as superb that’s why we want more people to know about it. This gourmet coffee’s mild aroma, full-bodied flavor and mellow chocolatey taste are enough to draw you in. Once you taste the goodness of Honduras coffee, you’ll definitely be craving for more!” The official remarked.

Fortunately, Aroma Bravo’s passion for Honduras coffee did not go unnoticed. The sale certainly gave attention to Honduras coffee beans and piqued the interest of many coffee lovers. The company was so pleased with the results that it is planning to do another special sale sometime this year.

“We may give a big discount on our best-selling Medium Dark Roast coffee beans again, or perhaps put the spotlight on our other upgraded coffee products. We do have a delightful Light Roast and a bold French Roast that we also want our customers to try. We’ll see what happens so be sure to watch out for any future announcements!” The Aroma Bravo official advised.

Serious coffee lovers can order Honduras gourmet coffee beans at

About Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea
Aroma Bravo offers USDA organic coffee beans from Marcala, Honduras. Grown in organic farms and roasted in small batches, Aroma Bravo Coffee is highly recommended for coffee lovers.
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