Protecting Your Plantars

Podiatrist Dr. Michael Dichoso, DPM, of Munster Orthopaedic Institute in Munster, Indiana gets real about staying injury free all summer long.

Munster, IN, July 16, 2017 --( Summer can be a time of fun, family and adventure. But according to Dr. Dichoso, a podiatrist at Munster Orthopaedic Institute, this can also be a time of injury to the musculoskeletal system. While it is common to see foot injuries at various times throughout the year, he had much to say about preventive measures during the summer to keep bones strong and healthy all year long.

Dr. Dichoso, who has an impressive resume of working at 7 hospitals and 12 years of experience, loves and lives podiatry. “My daily routine always revolves around working, but work becomes a hobby and having a hobby becomes fun,” said Dichoso. “I think what makes my Practice stand out from others is my experience, my care for patients and my focus on non-invasive treatment as well as one-on-one interaction with patients.”

While Dr. Dichoso loves seeing patients, he wants to make sure every step possible is taken to avoid common injuries. He recommends these tips for summer fun:

Moderate exercise
Wearing the proper shoes
Proper hydration

Injuries that Dr. Dichoso commonly treats include fractures, tendonitis and heel pain. While putting an emphasis on comfortable, non-invasive treatments for these problems, he may recommend surgical options to treat various foot and ankle ailments.

The world of Podiatry continues to make technological advances everyday. Dr. Dichoso says in the next 10 years he sees his specialty focusing on more conservative and non-surgical treatments for injuries that currently require surgery. Podiatrists are always practicing and discovering new ways to implement effective treatment.

When searching for a podiatrist, Dr. Dichoso believes receiving references from within the community are just as important as being Board Certified.

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Dr. Michael D. Dichoso, DPM: Dr. Dichoso specializes in the treatment of foot and ankle diseases. His goal is helping patients return to their daily activities with a conservative approach, utilizing surgical options if necessary.
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