DealerEFX Announces Release of Enterprise Template Manager (ETM) and Expansion Into Customer Lifecycle Email Communications Template Management Services for Dealers

DealerEFX Releases Enterprise Template Manager (ETM), a Cutting-edge Email Template Quality Assurance Program for Dealership Sales Operations and Announces an Expansion Into Customer Lifecycle Email Communications Template Management Services

Portland, OR, July 16, 2017 --( DealerEFX provides a “Mobile-Ready” Email Template Quality Assurance Service that leverages any CRM, to avoid costly new software and the training burden dealerships dread. They design, build, and maintain image-rich, OEM-compliant, spam filter-resistant, YMM-specific email response content, all within any CRM system, to give salespeople the best email response presentations in the industry, so every customer “Touchpoint” looks professional and OEM-grade.

DealerEFX Enterprise Template Manager (ETM), will provide salespeople a level of email response quality previously too difficult to achieve and maintain within existing CRM template editors.

The new templates support dealers’ lead generation efforts with Promotions and Fixed Operations Specials pulled from their website and plugged into their “Actively Managed” Banner Advertising in every template used by a dealer’s sales team. This a new marketing opportunity that can generate 100s if not 1000s of extra ad impressions targeted at “In-Market” Prospects, included as part of the dealer’s subscription.

Higher Quality Customer Communications is Becoming Critical in the “Digital-centric” Sales Process
“Over the last 4+ years we had the chance to review the quality of 'home-grown' and 'canned' email response templates from dealer personnel, OEMs and CRM service providers in dozens of different CRM systems. We found a widespread lack of high quality email response content and that most email 'Touchpoints' in the customer communications lifecycle do not reinforce the OEMs’ or Dealerships’ brand and value messages they have spent $Millions$ to build and sustain,” Said Jim Lawrence, CEO and Founder of

“Poor Email Communications Quality is a major brand problem for Dealers and OEMs in the emerging 'Digital-centric' customer communications lifecycle, where 'CX' now drives loyalty and lead conversions. Dealerships are sophisticated consumers of practical technology. Yet, most Dealerships are using CRM template editors to build less than professional responses and email communication templates. These are inconsistent from location to location, much less salesperson to salesperson. Dealer personnel are spending too much time building and maintaining (and then abandoning) these dull, non-compliant email responses. So, for the last several months DealerEFX has been building a game-changer we call our Enterprise Template Manager (ETM) that allows us to expand our template management services into the overall Customer Communications Lifecycle. In tandem with development, we’ve professionally written dozens of customer communications for the Pre & Post Sales Customer Communications Lifecycle. All of this new content is now included in our standard Client Content Package," Mr. Lawrence concluded.

Using DealerEFX Email Communications Quality Assurance Services enables salespeople and sales management to quickly and professionally communicate with clients using visually engaging, OEM-compliant email communications that entice and support new deals and help build brand loyalty and a positive “Digital Customer Experience.”

DealerEFX is an Email Template Quality Assurance Services firm focused on improving Dealership Sales Customer Communications at every touchpoint to enhance their digital Customer Experience (CX). For more information contact DealerEFX at (503) 318-3621 or

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