TVS Television Network Brings Back Its IWA Wrestling Franchise with GALLI Lucha at the Bakersfield Dome with an August 3 Event

TVS formed the IWA in 1975 as the first nationally televised wrestling show in the USA. The IWA was the first wrestling show to mix the American Professional Wrestling style with the Mexican Lucha Libre style. Mil Mascaras, the legendary Lucha Libre star from Mexico, became the IWA Champion. Today, the IWA has partnered with GALLI Lucha Libre in Chicago to create a national TV platform.

Bakersfield, CA, July 17, 2017 --( The TVS Television Network, in Association with the International Wrestling Association, is presenting a monthly pro wrestling event at the historic Bakersfield Dome, with the first match to take place on August 3 at 7pm.

The IWA will present the wrestlers from GALLI Lucha in Chicago, the top wrestling company that combines American pro-wrestling and Mexican Lucha Libre styles. TVS will televise all of the events.

The event will feature eight major GALLI stars, including champions Barry Ryte and Mojo McQueen. Wrestlers from around the country will be at The Dome in Bakersfield on August 3rd to participate in the event.

The Dome in Bakersfield is one of the most historic pro-wrestling venues in history. The original owner of The Dome, which opened in 1981, was Steve "The Savage Swede" Strelich, himself, a major wrestling star. The Dome hosted a weekly, Thursday Night wrestling event for 40 years, still a record in the sport.

The original IWA Wrestling TV show from TVS featured Bulldog Brower, Tex McKenzie, The Sheik, Eric The Red, Hacksaw Reynolds, The Somoans, The Love Brothers, Gino Brito, Dino Bravo, The Great Igor, Bobo Brazil, Thunderbolt Patterson, Ernie Ladd, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Rip Hawk and many other top wrestlers of the era, as well as IWA Champion, Mil Mascaras. All IWA Wrestling TV shows from the 1970's still run on various TVS broadcast, cable, IPTV, OTT, and Mobile TV platforms as well as TVS Home Video.

TVS will telecast the IWA / GALLI events from The Dome on the first Thursday of each month, beginning August 3rd. The Agreement between the four companies are for a year and will produce 48 half hour IWA Wrestling programs.

TVS Television Network is currently producing 250 sporting events yearly, including arm wrestling, off road racing, bowling, boxing, futsal, darts, billiards, roller derby, rodeo, golf, tennis, and track & field. In addition, TVS presents more than 1,000 of its classic sporting events that the company televised beginning in 1960. This includes college basketball, major college football bowl games, NASCAR, PGA and LPGA Golf, ATP Tennis, PBA and LPBT bowling, Championship Boxing, Grand Prix Racing, World Football League, as well as IWA Wrestling.

The August 3rd Pro Wrestling event at The Dome in Bakersfield is the first of more than 100 sports, music, and entertainment live events that TVS will promote at The Dome.
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