Plaurum Presented the Brand Solutions at IPMI

Sergey Medvedev, Plaurum Group Chairman of Board of Directors, made presentation on integration of competences, experience and knowledge of EZOCM (Russia) and Safina (Czech Republic)

Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia, July 19, 2017 --( The IPMI 41st Annual International Conference was held on June 10-13, 2017, in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) is one of the most authoritative institutions in the industry. It unites key market players, and its annual conference is one of the most important business events in the precious metals industry. IPMI conferences focus mainly on new technologies, trends and achievements in the area of precious metals processing and manufacturing of products, rather than on investment trading.

As part of the event’s business program, Sergey Medvedev, PLAURUM Group Chairman of Board of Directors, made presentation on integration of competences, experience and knowledge of the two leading companies in the sphere of precious metals processing and manufacturing of PGM products (“PLAURUM – Merger of Western and Eastern cultures in PM industry”).

Plaurum Board Chairman shared new developments with the audience, and through the example of the merger between Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant (Russia) and SAFINA (Czech Republic) he demonstrated the cooperation efficiency in the sphere of precious metals supply and processing, production, promotion and sales. Sergey Medvedev underlined that collaborative efforts of the two enterprises with more than a hundred-year history allow not only to deliver and distribute products on the international market (Russia and Neighbouring countries, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa), but also create an opportunity to share experience, significantly diversify the product line, optimize costs, and improve performance and quality of service. Sergey Medvedev’s presentation received the interest of the IPMI participants.

The subject of corporate synergy is of great relevance in the precious metals industry. For the last 2 years, there have been a number of major deals on purchases and mergers worldwide: the acquisition of Metalor by TANAKA Corporation, complete acquisition of Argor-Hereaus shares by Hereaus Group, purchase of plasma furnace catalyst recycler by Hereaus Group from Hensel Recycling, acquisition of the target materials business of the Heraeus Group by Materion Corporation, and so on. New information about Plaurum Group and its potential was well-received by long-time partners and clients. Thus meetings and negotiations on Plaurum new possibilities and further cooperation were held with Johnson Matthey, Owens Corning, BASF, TANAKA Corporation, and Umicore. The colleagues from SAFINA Materials Inc. (USA) also participated in the conference; they held talks with a number of North American companies on start and further development of cooperation taking into account Plaurum group’s new possibilities.

Topics of the conference and reports of other participants covered new technologies and trends on the market of precious metal processing, as well as operational aspects and the specific nature of business management in the PM industry. Separate sessions were dedicated to the environment and issues of processing secondary raw materials containing precious metals. In addition, the best students and best scientific papers in the PM industry were selected and awarded.

Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant (a part of the Plaurum Group) has been participating in the conferences organized by the International Precious Metals Institute (or the IPMI) since 2012 (with the status of Patron Member). Attending the conference on behalf of Plaurum Group at this new business development stage was successful not only in terms of developing new business contacts and enhancing existing relationships, but also in terms of presenting the new group’s brand to the international community and business partners.

Background information:
The Group, united under the international Plaurum brand, was founded by Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant JSC, Russia and Safina, a.s., Czech Republic. Both companies were among the founders of the precious metals industry and made a significant contribution to processing of precious metals and production of final goods.

The Group incorporates production sites and sales offices in Russia and Neighbouring countries, Europe (Safina a.s. and its subsidiaries), in the USA (SAFINA Materials Inc.) and the People’s Republic of China (Yantai Guodasafina High-Tech Environmental Refinery CO., Ltd).

Today Plaurum group delivers products to customers from over 40 countries worldwide. The production list includes products applied in automotive, biomedical, glassmaking, chemical, electronics and other industries.
Julia Astashova