New Heart-Warming Website Encourages Users to Express Themselves and Say "Thanks" to Someone Special

Newcastle, United Kingdom, July 19, 2017 --( We’ve all experienced heart-warming moments or felt compassion that touched our lives and our hearts. Whilst these acts of kindness often don’t get the mention they deserve across local, regional and national news-stands, a recently launched website aims to shine the spotlight on everyday heroes.

Thanks To U is a public service like no other. This positive and upbeat website gives users the platform to say thank you to someone whether that person is a passer-by, colleague, teacher, bus driver, nurse, friend or family member. The brainchild of Newcastle upon Tyne based Shela Close, Thanks To U is home to stories about good role models, heart-warming incidents and random acts of kindness. These accounts can only enrich the lives of all who read them.

“People carry out altruistic acts all the time, without expecting any thanks, but for the recipients of such acts of kindness, showing appreciation may not be easy. Often the recipient is too anxious, lost, confused or stressed to say thank you at that moment. The hero at the centre of the action may walk quietly away. People can often spend years wishing they had been able to thank the person who helped them, and that’s where Thanks To U comes in,” said owner Shela. Over the years she has heard many people telling of random acts of kindness, unfortunate incidents with great outcomes, beautiful acts of caring for others, and humorous incidents which light up someone’s day.

Thanks To U asks users to roll back the days, weeks, months and even years to acknowledge and appreciate a kindness or action, and reach that person by publicly saying thank you.

Just some of the topics covered on the Thanks To U website include “Thanks so much to the taxi driver who returned my wallet…,” “Thank you to the stranger who found my injured cat and took her to the vets…,” “A million thanks to the off-duty nurse who saved my son’s life…,” and simply, “Thank you to my wonderful dad for washing my car every week!” Each message tells its own surprising, humorous or moving story.

People do not have to register to use the Thanks To U website. The only information required before you enter your story is who the message is for, and the date and place of the Thanks To U incident. You then have up to 500 characters to share your thank you message.

Shela added, “Anyone and everyone will have the opportunity to publish an account of any incident, great or small, which has made their day, helped them out of a tricky situation, had a profound impact on their life, or even saved their life! Your hero, your saviour or your kind stranger may never read it, but others will and they will recognise the impact such acts of kindness have. Despite the awful things that do happen across the globe, the world really is full of good people being kind to each other, and these heartening incidents remind us of that fact.”

Would you like to say thank you to someone? Share your stories of the heroes we meet every day, and often in the most unexpected situations, by visiting the Thanks To U website.
Thanks to U
Shela Close