The Ivins Group Director Invited to "Top 100 Meeting"

Rob Jessup proves yet again, that the term "Rookie" is not something to be taken lightly.

Pittsburgh, PA, February 16, 2008 --( "The less you know about an opportunity, the more attractive it is." This was Rob Jessup’s response when asked what brought him into this business. Just over one year ago Rob started in this business, and has since then put a new meaning to the words determination and success. He has gone above and beyond the standards set for him and in turn has achieved greatness. The Ivins Group follows a philosophy of 100% promotion from within. Various companies boast this but The Ivins Group actually follows it. Every person in our organization starts off at the same position regardless of degrees or experience. Our philosophy is “If you haven’t done it, you can’t teach it.”

Associates are promoted through their program based on three factors: work ethic, ability to manage people and clients, and aptitude for learning. All of these factors are controlled by the person. There is no seniority or politics. They have a very cohesive team environment that they take great pride in. All of which help Rob run the most successful Marketing Firm in the Pittsburgh area, and one of the most successful firms on the east coast, The Ivins Group, and everyday he continues to outshine himself. Due to his unlimited success and drive, he has been asked to attend the top 100 Owners Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada February 22nd through February 24th, 2008.

Normally an honor such as this, is reserved for the veteran business owners, but the committee recognized the intensity of this rookie business owner, and was ecstatic to extend this invitation to him.

Robs success includes the opening of a brand new office in Cincinnati, and a permanent spot on the top ten list. The top ten list is a list produced on a weekly basis, that has the top ten owners around the country on a basis of there production and profit. Congratulations to Rob, and we wish him an unlimited amount of success in his upcoming business endeavors.

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