WelkerMedia Launches the "Hollywood Model" Accelerator for Socialpreneurs and Digital Activists

Los Angeles, CA, July 19, 2017 --(PR.com)-- WelkerMedia, an independent media company and creative network with headquarters in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, announces the launch of no equity and not-for-profit acceleration program that will involve elements both tech startup accelerators and creative studios with a focus on 3 main tracks: digital activism and media, social impact, creativity and art.

WM Lab will be held in the format of an open competition that will accept applications regardless project location and stage. Along with the opportunity to receive prizes (up to $15,000) and investments, alumni will have an access to the resources of the media network, including co-producers, media coverage and other options.

In addition to the main program, the accelerator will also include a school / pre-accelerator, aimed at projects of the early stages and under 25 participants. The initiative will be supported by the WelkerMedia Foundation (The Future Youth Fund) launched this spring.

Sonya Romanovskaya, VP of Projects at the WelkerMedia Foundation:

We have being working on the idea of ​​an internal accelerator since 2015. The first step for us was the launch of the fund, which was supported by our partners and peers. However, until today general models have not seemed effective to us, given that we work both with projects and individuals. We were looking for something more fascinating, like America's Got Talent but for ventures.

Finally we have realized that our media network, in some way, already works an accelerator, where our local chapters act as hubs for the peers. Thus, WM Lab emerged as the next step for our local media studios and hubs.

How to participate
WM Lab accepts applications regardless of the stage and age of the applicant within the following tracks:

Social projects and nonprofit organizations;

Media projects;

Art and creative technologies.

In order to become a participant applicants should visit the competition page and send an application. In case if the project is selected by WM Lab committee, an applicant gets an access to the acceleration program.

WM lab works in the format of a virtual accelerator including elements of both tech accelerators and creative studios. In particular, along with the basic options like mentoring, educational sessions and demo days, participants get an access:

Media resources including co-creators, co-producers and etc;

Media promotion, including a coverage, interviews series that highlight the process of an acceleration.

The program is held during 3 months.

Since WM lab uses a no equity and not-for-profit model, it is basically free for participants. Organizers do not charge for the services and don’t take an equity of the projects. However, the selection of projects and their further support is largely determined by the decision and interest of partners and organizations representing and supporting a particular track.
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Sonya Romanovsky