Launching – A Revolutionary 30-Second Auto Valuation

Orlando, FL, July 22, 2017 --( Homequant, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch, a revolutionary 30-Second Pre-owned Auto Valuation Solution.

The internal algorithm of can be applied to a lone vehicle or en masse to produce excellent "Quick Look" values – from Older to Mid-age to Newer to Upscale to Sports to Hybrid models – without having to enter any comparables data leading to the traditional comps-based valuation. All one needs to know is the make, model, year, mileage and a few general operating characteristics like prior ownership, accident record, service history, warranty, etc. that are easily available from the dealer or Carfax*.

The introduction of the solution makes it now possible to value an entire line of any major make and model in matter of hours, not days or weeks.

The owners of JustAutoValue also understand that all autos even in a given model and year are not the same; instead, each model is highly diverse in terms of features and options within its own little universe causing wide variations in valuations. Consequently, they break down each class into various sub-classes, allowing users to specify where their subject fits in relative to the local competition, thus helping define each vehicle more precisely, resulting in more accurate and uniform values.

Unlike the competition where mileage is the primary value determinant, the underlying data science model that powers their valuation engine takes into consideration a number of other statistically significant and psychologically meaningful hedonic variables, often more significant than mileage alone. For example, accident on record can have significant impact on valuation; likewise, an imminent psychological breakpoint like 100K miles can dampen valuation as well. In short, their invention first helps specify the subject at the competition level, leading to the auto-specific mileage as well as the other vehicle characteristics, thereby producing a highly accurate value at the vehicle level.

No doubt, the fact that the user-inputted subject data and the resulting valuations are not stored anywhere in their system will provide a high level of confidence and relief to the users in the sense that user activities are not being watched, nor are user values secretly warehoused.

The efficiency of their system lies in the uniform implementation of the underlying valuation algorithm. In fact, their tests show an auto – whether Late Model or Sports or Hybrid, with the aforesaid data available – can be valued in less than 30 seconds, making it the greatest scientific "Quick Look" individual and mass auto valuation system ever.

Last but not least, since the web solution is mobile friendly, no additional Android or iOS App is required for smart devices including tablets; their web solution will be self-optimized on all such devices. It is therefore productive to all users – whether one needs to value a single subject vehicle on-the-go or one who needs to value a group of similar or dissimilar vehicles on the desktop. In a nutshell, their invention will revolutionize the pre-owned auto valuation market by adding the scientific "Quick Look" valuation piece hitherto missing.

Homequant's President recently explained: "With the launch of the solution, we are showing our vision and commitment to the pre-owned auto industry as a whole. We are also showing the auto world how to achieve more with less. For instance, unlike the competition, we do not store the subject population; instead, we let our users simulate their subjects considering they know their subjects the best. Anyway, as we add more makes and models to our repertoire, I have no doubt that consumers and professionals alike will be depending on our system as the go-to first-look auto valuation system."

If you'd like more information about, or to schedule an interview, please email them at:

*PS: They are adding new Makes/Models everyday. If you don't see what you are looking for, please return shortly or request an update.
HomeQuant, Inc.
Sid Som