Booming Cold Brew Coffee Trend Great for Business, Says Aroma Bravo

Aroma Bravo recommends homemade cold brew coffee for its great flavor and affordability.

Carson City, NV, July 23, 2017 --( Coffee retailers used to dread the summer months because the hot weather means lower sales. But that notion is quickly changing now that cold brew coffee has exploded in popularity. For Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea, this booming cold brew business is a great opportunity to serve more coffee to consumers all year round.

“Now that cold coffee beverages are in demand, businesses won’t be experiencing dry spells anymore. We can serve both hot and cold coffees throughout the year. It’s incredibly beneficial for the specialty coffee market,” said a spokesperson for Aroma Bravo.

Based in Nevada, Aroma Bravo offers gourmet whole bean coffee sourced directly from Marcala, Honduras. Many of its customers brew the whole beans at home with a French press, espresso machine, moka pot or a pour over dripper. More recently though, people have also been using the gourmet coffee beans to make cold brew coffee.

“Our Honduras whole bean coffee is very versatile because it isn’t just suitable for hot drinks but for iced coffee drinks as well. Some of our customers say our beans are great for making coffee concentrates. They grind the whole beans, steep them in filtered water overnight, strain the coffee grounds the next morning, and then simply add some ice, milk and sugar to create a refreshing cold brew drink,” the spokesperson explained the process.

Considering that coffeehouse prices for cold specialty drinks have risen dramatically this summer, producing cold brew coffee at home is the most practical option.

“It’s definitely a lot more affordable to make your own. The result will always be more flavorful than the ones served in coffee shops,” the Aroma Bravo spokesperson remarked. “As long as you have a bag of gourmet whole bean coffee, you can create all the cold brew coffee you want to last all summer or even all year long.”

To encourage iced coffee lovers to switch to home brewing, Aroma Bravo is currently having a 10% discount on its medium dark roast coffee. By entering the coupon code DQEE827D on the final checkout at Amazon, customers can get some quality beans and start brewing away.

More information about the 10% off on whole bean coffee is available at:

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