TVS Television Network Resumes Publishing IWA Wrestling Parade Magazine After a 40 Year Absence

In 1975, the TVS Television Network established IWA Wrestling as the first national TV wrestling program. After two years, TVS gave up the project when they could not secure major wrestling arenas from the regional wrestling promoters. Today, with the revival of IWA Wrestling on TVS, comes the revival of the IWA Wrestling Parade Magazine.

Bakersfield, CA, July 25, 2017 --( The TVS Television Network has revived the IWA Wrestling Parade Magazine as it revives the IWA Wrestling TV program that the company started in 1975. Beginning on August 3rd at The Bakersfield Dome, TVS resumes telecasting the original nationally telecasted wrestling series.

In 1975, TVS established the IWA Wrestling troupe as the first such wrestling program to be telecast nationally. Except for the very early days of television, pro wrestling had been confined to local telecasts produced by a network of regional wrestling promoters. Fresh off of the success of televising collegiate basketball, pro tennis, pro golf, and the World Football League, TVS established pro wrestling as a national TV show via it's IWA Wrestling organization.

Today, TVS has revived both the IWA and the IWA Wrestling Parade Magazine as the IWA television series has resumed. IWA Wrestling has returned via one of the most historic wrestling arenas in the USA-The Bakersfield Dome. The first televised event will be Thursday, August 3rd. IWA Wrestling Parade Magazine will serve as the official publication of IWA Wrestling and will cover the classic IWA of the 1970's as well as today's IWA.

When the IWA began in 1975, it was the first USA wrestling presentation to combined American wrestling with the Mexican Lucha Libre version. In fact, the IWA Champion was Lucha Libre super star Mil Mascaras. Today, the IWA keeps that tradition by presenting GALLI Lucha Libre, the Chicago based program that blends the best of Mexican and American wrestling.

The Bakersfield Dome, home of IWA Wrestling, was built in 1941 and owned by then wrestling legend Steve "The Savage Swede" Strelich. It was a Mecca for pro wrestlers and in 1961 was sold to another wrestler, Jules Strongbow, along with Roller Games empresario Bill Griffiths. The Bakersfield Dome carried Thursday Night Wrestling for 40 years, longer than any other wrestling venue.

TVS Television Network will create broadcast, cable, IPTV, Mobile, and OTT programming from these monthly events at THe Bakersfield Dome. TVS has also reintroduced the IWA Classic Wrestling television programs, featuring Mil Mascaras, Bulldog Brower, Tex McKenzie, Ernie Ladd, The Sheik, The Mighty Igor, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Argentina Apollo, Eric the Red, Gino Brito and Dino Bravo, The Love Brothers, The Somoans, and the other original IWA stars of the 1970's.

IWA Wrestling Parade Magazine will be a digital magazine, with special issues also offered in hard copy. The magazine is produced by the TVS Magazines Division of TVS along with Boxing Illustrated, Bowling Illustrated, Tavern TV Illustrated, Pet Parade, and SPORT Magazine.
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