Madina Village School Seeking Funds to Offer Healthcare and Aid to a War-Torn Community.

Fort Wayne, IN, July 27, 2017 --( Madina Village School, Inc. is launching a capital campaign for $395 thousand dollars to provide medical care to the Madina Village community. The Madina Village is seeking funds to establish the Madina Village Clinic. The Madina Village School is the fruit of the work of a lifetime for many people, and it proudly caters to the local community with 13 trained teachers educating 390 children.

Education is very important, and it is at the fundament of the future of this country and its people. However, it is really hard to focus on studying or teaching when basic health care is not readily available. The Madina community has been struggling with a health care emergency affecting students and educators alike. An infant and two schoolgirls tragically passed away, some students have injuries that might become critical if not treated, and a teacher is severely ill. The Madina Village School currently offers support through their Malaria bed-net project, but it is still not enough. Having a real clinic would allow for more comprehensive care services.

Their plan is to build a fully functional mini-hospital facility, which would cost $395,000 – this would provide the Madina Village community with access to a nurse who could provide expert advice and treatment.

Currently, the Madina Village School is reaching out to people all over the world who are looking to donate and help them create a better facility and more opportunities, particularly for the young people in our developing community. Any amount is welcome and will make a difference.
Madina Village School
Francis Mustapha