We Buy Cars - An Overnight Success, 18 Years in the Making

Pretoria East, South Africa, July 29, 2017 --(PR.com)-- From buying and selling cars on the side, to a 5-year-old warehouse in Pretoria East with an average of 700 vehicles at any given moment, WeBuyCars have built an exceptional reputation as the nr. 1 car buying service in South Africa. Owned by brothers, Faan and Dirk van der Walt, the renowned WeBuyCars brand have expanded with services throughout South Africa, with warehouses in Pretoria and Cape Town, and even have a Durban warehouse opening soon.

What made WeBuyCars a success is the dynamic team behind it, and they’ve seen it all. After 12 years on the road, buying cars themselves, there is not much you can tell Faan and Dirk van der Walt about the industry that they don’t already know. In 2012, when the time came to appoint buyers to help support the growth of the business, it became clear that WeBuyCars had a lot of potential to surpass all expectations. Having both a dreamer and a realist behind the wheel, WeBuyCars has just the right amount of passion, big ideas and business sense to keep the company growing at an exponential pace.

In their experience, more people are turning to the second-hand car market, giving cars a longer life-span in South Africa (5-6 owners in its life) and allows WeBuyCars to buy an enviable average of 2,000 cars per month. They bought a total of 15,000 in 2016 alone and if predictions are correct, they are aiming for 25,000 buys in 2017 - what a respected goal to have.

WeBuyCars ultimately aim to serve the dealer. For dealers, it’s easy to sell cars, but where do you find quality stock on a continuous basis? That’s where WeBuyCars step in.

“What makes WeBuyCars different from the next guy, is that we have done this for years and have had the opportunity to build great and lasting relationships with dealers, who buy about 60% of the stock we buy.” - Faan van der Walt, Executive Director of WeBuyCars

What’s the secret to WeBuyCars? A small profit and a fast turnaround time, and there is really no other way to keep the number of cars they buy from piling up.

WeBuyCars also cater to the needs of the public and potential sellers are welcome to contact WeBuyCars at any time. They are willing to buy any vehicle, old or new, with low or high mileage. Whatever you are selling, they will consider buying.

If you are interested in selling your car, the process is easy enough to follow. When you fill in their online application form, you can expect a qualified answer within one hour, providing an estimate of what they are willing to pay for your car. If you are interested, they come to you, they collect your car, they take the car off your name and the best of all, you get paid immediately. They believe in the convenience of the transaction, have a phenomenal approach to customer satisfaction and have tailor made their services to suit the needs of their clients.

“The best feeling is to amaze someone with how fast and efficient our services are.” - Faan van der Walt

A team of experts manually handles all applications, and applications will go through a minimum of two people, ensuring the price estimate you receive is satisfactory. The knowledge and expertise in the WeBuyCars contact centre is irreplaceable.

WeBuyCars provide more than 15000 estimates per month.

It’s no wonder the WeBuyCars team have grown with over 100 new employees in just the last year, and now employ more than 300 people.

So, if you are emigrating, upgrading, downgrading or just simply selling, contact WeBuyCars for all your selling needs.

Go to their user-friendly website (www.webuycars.co.za) or contact them on 087 057 0000. Visit them today and see why selling your car through WeBuyCars, really is the easiest way, by far.
Anet de Kock