World’s Military Flight Training Leaders Seek New Simulation Technology for Their Pilots

SMi Reports: Military flight training decision makers of established as well as emerging defence forces from Argentina, South Africa, France, UK RAF, Norway and Italy will gather at SMi’s 6th annual Military Flight Training conference.

London, United Kingdom, August 02, 2017 --( Years of defence cuts together with the rise in complexity of both aircraft and the scenarios they operate have resulted in a shortage of trained pilots across many national forces. However, with training cost for each pilot reaching £4 million* or higher, trainers are facing a huge dilemma of how to provide their current or new pilots with the necessary skills for operational deployment.

With increasing pressure to create the next generation of military grade pilots, defence forces are changing their approach to delivering pilot training. Trainers are looking to incorporate new training styles and providing synthetic training using latest flight simulator technology.

Military flight training decision makers of established as well as emerging defence forces from Argentina, South Africa, France, UK RAF, Norway and Italy will gather at SMi’s 6th annual Military Flight Training conference to discuss the latest national approaches to training and future simulation technologies needed to meet current and future complex mission scenarios.

Argentinian Air Force (AAF), Commander Air Training Squadron, Colonel Nahuel Edgard Espanon will give an overview of the AAF’s training squadron and review of the instructional plans of the future pilots up to 2030. Colonel Espanon will also deliver a focus on the P-2002 JF and discuss current and future challenges.

South African Air Force (SAAF), Commander 85 Combat Flying School, Lieutenant Colonel Craig Leeson will discuss the usefulness of the Hawk Mk 120 and give an overview of the SAAF's pilot training syllabus as well as future training requirements. Working with industry to overcome challenges for fighter jet acquisition and training is also an important discussion topic.

Royal Air Force, Former Commanding Officer Central Flying School, Human Performance Training Squadron, Nick Goodwyn will explore the latest training systems for the modern defence forces. He will evaluate varied approaches, successes and failures and will discuss the advancement of 5th Gen Training systems.

French Air Force, Commander Flying School Command, Colonel Jerome Lacroix Leclair will be speaking on the FOMEDEC training project including material and a facility with simulations, mission planning, debriefing equipment, and delivery of through-life support for the aircraft fleet. Current challenges and training endeavours will be discussed as well as training future military pilots who will transfer to the (Dassault) Alpha Jet prior to their conversion on to the Dassault Rafale.

Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF), Commander Flight Training School, Colonel Dag Simastuen will talk about how the Norwegian Air Force is optimising pilots for the 5th generation of military training aircrafts. Colonel Simastuen will discuss the RNoAF’s perspective on the Boeing-Saab TX programme and integration in training units and ways for defence industries to present military flight training solutions to the RNoAF. Cooperation with Nordic partners for successful fast jet pilot integration, leveraging synthetic technologies to maximise the pilot learning experience, and focusing on developing skills and technology for operations in the Arctic are other topics to be addressed in this presentation.

Italian Navy, Experimental Test Pilot, Lieutenant Commander Andrea Pingitore will provide the latest platform updates on the NH-90 and an overview on how flight training is currently conducted within the Italian Navy from doctrine, education, synthetic and live training. In addition, benefits of working with leading solution providers to develop the most advanced platform will be discussed.

Also presenting at the conference are Czech Air Force, Aero Vodochody, Spanish Air Force, St. Andrew's Aviation, European Personnel Recovery Centre, European Recovery Agency and UK MoD.

A half-day pre-conference workshop will be held in the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London, UK on Tuesday, 10th October, 2017. This Military flight training workshop, led by Major (Retd.) Peter Dean, Senior Advisor/Director, St Andrew’s Aviation, will explore the challenges facing military flying training organisations as they align more closely with Civil Aviation regulations and look to future training in an era of dwindling budgets and increased deployments.

For those who are looking to attend, there are special rates available for military and government representatives.

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