Explore Biology in All Its Glory with Two-Volume College Textbook by Dennis Holley

Learn about biology in a new way with help from a new two-volume textbook released by Dog Ear Publishing. The introductory level college biology textbook was written by a biology teacher with decades of experiences.

Shelton, NE, August 02, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Growing up in a rural area allowed Dennis Holley to explore nature to his heart’s content. Receiving a small microscope in high school sealed his fate: He was determined to study all things biological and share his passion and knowledge with the world. Holley’s nearly four decades of teaching are evident in his latest textbook, released by Dog Ear Publishing.

Written with a goal of inspiring students and readers to a sense of awe for all varieties of life found on Earth, “General Biology I: Molecules, Cells and Genes” and its companion volume “General Biology II: Organisms and Ecology” is a reader-friendly textbook that focuses on concepts instead of terminology. It starts with the smallest units of measurement – the cell – and explores the chemical reality of biology as well as genetics, biotechnology, the history of evolution and the eventual rise of the human species, what Holley calls the “cultural ape.”

In the two-volume textbook, Holley challenges students and other readers to think like a biologist, especially in the lab exercises. Adding this element to the textbook enhances such skills as organization of information, critical thinking, experimentation, interpretation of graphics and communication. With that in mind, Holley’s conversational style is more aligned with a magazine or newspaper article than a dry technical report.

Terminology, facts and scientific names are used only when necessary, and Holley highlights the connections of all living things. Each chapter includes a set of questions that allow for reflection on the main concepts. Colorful photos, graphics and illustrations enhance the textbook, which aims to make biology accessible to all. A guide to scientific writing assists students in writing papers and findings, and an extensive glossary becomes another valuable resource in this invaluable biology textbook.

Holley, who has long been interested in living things, has written science curriculum materials, including lab manuals and textbooks, and he writes a blog found at www.zoologytextbook.com. He has taught biology at high schools and universities for nearly 40 years. Dog Ear Publishing also released Holley’s book “General Zoology: Investigating the Animal World.”

For additional information, please visit www.generalbiologytextbook.com.

General Biology I: Molecules, Cells and Genes
Dennis Holley
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5274-8 406 pages $100.00 US

General Biology II: Organisms and Ecology
Dennis Holley
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5404-9 1,016 pages $100.00 US

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