Assyrian American Chamber of Commerce - a Clear, New Direction

After a new appointment at the Executive Director position, the Assyrian American Chamber of Commerce is primed to represent business leaders in multiple industries throughout the state of Illinois.

Chicago, IL, August 02, 2017 --( The Assyrian American Chamber of Commerce represents their community by promoting their business members. They seek to provide innovative and collaborative services that differentiates them from a traditional Chamber of Commerce.

"Our model is focused on inclusion," says Dr. Timothy Youkhana, executive director of the AACC. "Because we're not restricted geographically, and represent businesses throughout Illinois, we can collaborate with Chambers all around the state. This is something usually offered rather infrequently among other chambers. Whether or not businesses are owned, operated or employ Assyrian Americans, all are welcome to join by visiting"

Dr. Timothy Youkhana, pharmacist, commercial real estate and business broker, was appointed at the Executive Director position of the AACC in the beginning of 2017. Since his appointment, the AACC has launched a new website and business campaign focused on "accomplishing the dreams of business leaders."

Under Dr. Youkhana's vision, the Chamber of Commerce should mirror the business owner's best interests. "Our chamber is not affiliated with any non-profit, political or religious organization, to help maintain our integrity within the business community." He also mentioned, "We understand that business speaks different languages, and its important we are able to work with everyone, without having to navigate personal beliefs in the process."

The AACC offers social media promotions for their members, along with invitations to many events throughout the state of Illinois. Their Facebook page @assyrianchamberofcommerce has the most up to date information on events, benefits and members.

Their monthly blog can be found by visiting
Assyrian American Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Timothy Youkhana
(224) 661-0556