Southside Chicago Father Re-United with Son from Abu Dhabi

Boy recovered from Abu Dhabi and reunited with Father in America.

Chicago, IL, August 03, 2017 --( On an otherwise normal summer morning, a dedicated and loving southside Chicago father dropped his ten-year-old son off at school and went to work with plans to pick his son up that afternoon. However, little did this father know that this would be the last time that he would see his son for a long time. While this father was hard at work to provide for his family, the boy’s mother removed the child from school without his knowledge, headed directly to the airport where she immediately boarded a flight with the boy bound for Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

This terrified father only became aware of this mother’s nefarious and intricate plan when his son text messaged him that his mother had taken him. Fearful for the safety of his son, this devastated father called Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving for help. Leving’s fierce litigators Austin Vandeveer and Arthur Kallow rushed to Court where they obtained an emergency court order calling for the immediate return of this little boy to his father’s possession, but unfortunately the boy was already airborne on a one-way flight bound for Abu Dhabi. This devastated father felt that all hope was lost and feared he would never see his son again. “He was wrong,” said Leving.

This dad’s legal team would not give up. They went to court again and again never giving up hope of recovering this boy and through careful and methodic legal maneuvering were able to reunite this father with his son. They won; the boy is now back in America with his dad. The Leving legal team secured a very powerful court order prohibiting the mother from removing the child from America again, and requiring her to turn over the child’s passport to ensure that this boy would remain by his father’s side in the United States.

Through the relentless work of Leving and his legal team this loving dad has been reunited with his son after almost a year of painful separation and is now finally able to create new memories with his little boy.

To improve the well-being of all America's children, we must restore paternal involvement as a global norm, and never forget that any man’s loss of a child is a loss to mankind. For more information on law and fatherhood, follow Leving on Twitter @fathersmatter and Facebook.
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