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Michael P. Mangan, Partner, Mangan Ginsberg LLP to Speak at The Knowledge Group’s Event

New York, NY, August 03, 2017 --( The Knowledge Group/The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series, the leading producer of regulatory focused webcasts, has announced today that Michael P. Mangan, Partner, Mangan Ginsberg LLP will speak at the Knowledge Congress’ webcast entitled: “Why It is Advantageous to Use Appellate Attorneys for Cases on Appeal Live Webcast.” This event is scheduled for Tuesday, August 15, 2017 @ 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (ET).

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About Michael P. Mangan

Michael’s practice is balanced between appellate and trial advocacy, covering a wide range of legal areas, including commercial litigation, criminal defense, employment law, constitutional law, torts and securities law. He has prosecuted and defended appeals filed before state and federal appellate courts, in New York, New Jersey and Texas, and has obtained a long string of appellate reversals of trial verdicts and dispositive motions. His advocacy has been praised by both appellate and trial judges, on the record, as “excellent.” Michael has also lectured before colleagues on the topics of Civil Rights litigation and defending and prosecuting Fair Labor Standards Act claims.

About Mangan Ginsberg LLP

Mangan Ginsberg LLP is a New York City law firm formed between a former securities litigator and a former New York County assistant district attorney organized for the purpose of achieving outstanding results. Their blended backgrounds provide clients with diverse, creative and result-oriented litigation, arbitration and appellate representation. The firm’s lawyers and legal assistants take the time to understand clients’ immediate and long-term needs and identify the best strategies to achieve the best outcomes for their clients. The firm’s philosophy is that hard work and dedication to our clients achieve exceptional results.

Event Synopsis:

Appellate practice requires skills distinct from trial practice. The development of issues for appellate consideration requires a different perspective from the points raised in litigation. Depending on the level of appellate court and the composition of the appellate bench, it’s often advantageous to have a fresh review of the record to identify those issues that will be of interest to a particular court and to present the ramifications of the case in the most persuasive fashion. At the appellate level, competent brief writing is essential to present the main points with clarity and logic that strikes a chord of justice. States’ highest courts and federal appellate courts are frequently concerned with the policy consequences of a decision and this a topic not generally addressed at the trial level. The benefits of using experienced appellate counsel as the primary attorney or as a consultant can greatly enhance the potential for success.

This webinar will cover:

· How to best analyze and identify the strongest points for appellate development
· Key considerations in drafting an appellate brief
· The value of editing and understanding modern judicial legal-writing preferences
· How to best prepare for oral argument
· Persuasive presentation techniques for oral argument
· How to best involve your client during preparation of an appellate case

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