comsuisse AG Successfully Supported Completion of ICS 200/60 VCS Project for: China Zhengzhou Centre and Tower VCCS

Zurich, Switzerland, August 05, 2017 --( comsuisse AG has successfully completed the movement, configuration and supported the customer passing Site Acceptance Test for Zhengzhou Air Traffic Control Centre as well as Tower VCCS of type ICS 200/60.

comsuisse AG enabled seamless transition from the old centre to the new centre by making use of old installed as well as new installed hardware and network and with this best supported the smooth transition within operation.

The installation includes:
· New ACC with 36 operator positions with a scheduled extension by further 8 positions.
· Tower VCS with 18 operator positions.
· Networking: Redundant E1 connections.

Mr. Lin Jianzhuang, Manager of Marketing and Trading Department Civil Aviation Air Traffic Management Equipment Engineering Company Guangzhou stated, “Due to our long-term relation with the experienced crew of comsuisse AG we found the most economic and optimal way to complete the ICS 200/60 projects for the ACC and the tower of Zhengzhou.”

Ernst Kälin Regional Sales Director at comsuisse proudly announces, “With this successful completion, we from comsuisse AG had the opportunity to prove our abilities of supporting ICS 200/60 customers in the most economical way. We are happy to strengthen the long-term relationship of our crew within China.”

About Zhengzhou ACC and Tower
With more than 20 million passengers every year, and a heavy growth of cargo, Zhengzhou is on the way to become an important hub.

Civil Aviation Air Traffic Management Equipment Engineering Company
Found in 1987, Civil Aviation Air Traffic Management Equipment Engineering Company
(CAATMEEC) is a contractor providing engineering services of communication, navigation, surveillance, meteorology and airport terminal electronics in the aviation industry. CAATMEEC is characterized by offering a whole package of services including project consulting, practical advice for designing, systems solution tailored to the air traffic management and airport customers’ needs.

About comsuisse AG
comsuisse AG, a company for safety critical, high reliable voice communication solutions combines a crew of engineers with long-term experience in the area of TDM based ICS 200/60 systems with the knowledge of most modern VoIP technology. Together with its sister companies, comsuisse AG is not only enabled to support ICS 200/60 voice communication systems, but also to adapt, manufacture and provide long-term maintenance for customers operating ICS 200/60 systems.

With myVCS, comsuisse AG has developed one of the most modern and powerful full VoIP systems on the market, designed for high available applications as required for voice communication systems for Air Traffic Management.
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