AllThatGrows Adds Organic Manure Variants on Online Seeds Store

AllThatGrows, the online seed selling store has now added organic manure variants to their collection. The store, which retails seeds for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and microgreens, will now sell Organic Vermicompost and Leaf Manure.

Chandigarh, India, August 05, 2017 --( AllThatGrows, the online seed selling store, has announced the addition of organic manure to its inventory. The organic manure section will contain naturally produced Leaf Manure and Vermicompost. Shoppers can purchase the newly manure at:

For now, there are 2 varieties of Manure being retailed by AllThatGrows;

Organic Vermicompost (Kenchua Khaad) and Leaf Manure (Patte ki Khaad)

AllThatGrows currently offers an extensive variety of seed types on their web store and with the addition of these gardening supplies, they are expanding their inventory to include home and kitchen garden sowing essentials. All seed varieties available at AllThatGrows are pure, traditionally grown, and are non-hybrid. They are developed using the open pollinated method and are GMO free.

Sarthak Aggarwal, Managing Director at AllThatGrows, further informed, “AllThatGrows is launching Organic Vermicompost and Leaf Manure and makes it available in a convenient packaging and at a pocket-friendly price. We want to inspire gardeners and kitchen planters to make the shift from from chemical-based growing to organic growing to restore the health of the soil and grow a produce which is free from harmful elements.

“This manure is suitable for all plant types and can be used in varied quantities as garden and pot soils.”

The online store also plans to expand its flower seed collection soon.

There is also a 10% discount valid for all first time shoppers running at AllThatGrows. Users can avail this discount by signing up for the AllThatGrows newsletter. Free shipping across India is valid for all orders without a minimum order limit.

To shop vegetable, herb, microgreen, and fruit seeds from AllThatGrows, visit: To shop for Organic Manure online, visit

AllThatGrows is an online seeds store that retails non-hybrid, pure, open pollinated, and GMO-free seeds. The store aims to connect the urban dweller with their food sources while promoting healthy lifestyle choices related to food and nourishment. With a diverse collection of Indian and exotic vegetable, herb, fruit, flower, and microgreen seeds, AllThatGrows offers both variety and quality.

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