Trend Magazine Shows Interest and Asks Solarblaze to Submit Product Samples

Solarblaze Products will be sending in additional samples for a possible feature in Trend Magazine, a magazine focused on the finest qualities of life.

Bedford, NH, August 06, 2017 --( Trend Magazine, leader in everything art, design, architecture, and food, reached out to Solarblaze to submit product samples to be featured in an upcoming publication. Exploring especially deep into the trends and traditions of New Mexican artists, Trend recognized Solarblaze’s products as a bridge between modern technology and functionality. It fits perfectly with the usefulness desired in architecture. In addition, the lighting can accent beautiful art, another main focus of Trend.

About Trend
Trend Magazine has been focused on art, architecture, design, and cuisine for over 19 years. They primarily examine the relationship between New Mexico and these areas of society. Their publications include articles on important artists, chefs, etc., as well as information on new products and services to enhance readers’ understanding and experiences in these spheres.

Solarblaze hopes to extend their reach into areas of the visual arts. With interest from magazines of this style, they think consumers will begin to see the usefulness of solar-powered lighting in a diverse group of situations, including but not limited to lighting up beautiful paintings.

About Solarblaze Products LLC:
Solarblaze Products is a solar lights company selling easy to install solar powered motion sensor lights. Perfect for dimly light corners of the house or backyard, Solarblaze’s products are fairly priced, eco-friendly lighting solutions aimed to help the customer and the environment. Born out of necessity, founder Jessica Steele left her previous career to pursue something she thought the world needed. Since then Solarblaze has been providing its companies with great products and expert customer service.

The company website is:
Solar Blaze Products
Ben Osterholtz