Tech Company Prevents Pollution from Reaching Waterways

Pollution on the streets is reaching lakes, rivers and oceans around the world, and Miami-based tech company, SOP Technologies, is addressing these issues with digital and physical solutions for municipalities.

Miami, FL, August 12, 2017 --( Stormwater pollution is a major issue around the world, and it has been thoroughly documented in Miami, FL. This type of pollution is caused when stormwater runoff on the street enters storm drains and travels through water pipes. Then, without treatment, the water is dumped into waterways. This video shows a polluted lake where ducks are swimming in contaminated waters:

Miami-based technology company, SOP Technologies, is working to address these issues by providing Public Works departments with its Smart Stormwater devices and stormwater drainage filters that prevent debris at the street from ending up in waterways. The company recently won the American Entrepreneurship Award for its efforts, and its technologies are being used by cities in Florida and California.

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Emilio Lopez