Aussie Tech Co Introduces Augmented Reality Into Aged Care

Why should older people, and those who care for them be the last people to have the benefit of cuttting edge technology. Australia tech company, cloudyBoss is working with elder care facilities on 21st century solutions that span smarter buildings, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Sydney, Australia, August 13, 2017 --( Australia’s exploding ageing population is bringing with it fierce demands for change. Currently, one million Australians use residential aged care facilities and by 2050, that number will have jumped to 3.5 million people.

The changes we are likely to see are cities incorporating plans for an exponential number of aged care facilities, as well as a very different type of care. For example, there is a growing need for more complex shorter-stay, sub-acute care and palliative specialised services.

A number of other factors are also changing and likely to skew even further – older people remaining at home and accessing in-home care; a change in the types of illnesses, such as the current increase in dementia; the trend towards a much older but less mobile population.

As in all industry sectors, a more intelligent and prevalent use of technology will be key. Much of the technology currently utilised for both building and operating aged care facilities are outmoded, with architecture that was costly to establish and now difficult to update.

New technology, offered by companies such as cloudyBoss, provides a very real, change-ready solution. It is broad in scope and scalable, as well as flexible and agile.

cloudyBoss is a highly advanced, yet affordable hybrid-cloud 360-degree eldercare management system that is suited to the demands of Australia as well as its Asian neighbours – China, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar – all of which face similar daunting eldercare industry challenges.

cloudyBoss provides an interface that spans all the key areas of eldercare operations: care management, workforce management, administration, multi-dimensional accounting, market engagement and business insights. Its 360-degree approach makes it all-encompassing but being completely scalable, it is charged accordingly and is therefore affordable for every size and style of organisation.

Even so, cloudyBoss has a much wider, top-down plan for the eldercare industry than just the operational side.

It is at the forefront of leveraging ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), EBC (Enterprise Block Chain), Smart Information, Smart Devices, and other leading edge tools which are already an integral part of the cloudyBoss Eldercare platform.

For example, work stations will give way to multi-functional gesture or voice-driven wall screens. Wearable devices will enable staff to access updated clinical data on each resident in their care. Embedded robotics will assist caregivers with physically demanding or repetitive tasks.

And broader still, cloudyBoss technology assists with the redesign of the buildings themselves, supporting architects and developers in creating facilities that have the ability to ‘care’ for its residents – both passively and actively. These smarter buildings will collect clinical and other data, provide information to staff and residents and anticipate the needs of residents.

Elder-friendly services that facilitate closed-loop hearing, easier movement, appealing living spaces are also part of its remit. The building’s technology will enable it to generate energy from a multitude of sources, provide water, air, filtration, and entertainment/communication services.

Most importantly this technology puts people first. It makes a difference to those who require care and supports care providers. It does not eliminate the need for human carers, it simply streamlines processes and provides a level of excellence not currently achievable in traditional eldercare facilities.

“The Australian eldercare industry is full of professional, caring people, who work diligently to make a difference, however it is weighed down with many manual, data-driven tasks that consume time and resources,” stated cloudyBoss CEO, Lou Schillaci.

CTO, Giovanni Di Noto continued, “At cloudyBoss, our commitment is to roll out technology that translates into greater well-being for eldercare residents and delivers tangible value for staff and the organisation.”

“To do that we interface with the community to ensure that we understand the diverse needs of the industry and the end result will be technology that continues to evolve in concert with the people who use it,” Di Noto concluded.

Prior to full commercialisation, cloudyBoss is now rolling out a proof-of-concept initiative with progressive eldercare facilities in Australia and overseas. Participating organisations will provide de-identified clinical datasets to integrate and train the ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) components of the cloudyBoss platform, with a view to automating or semi-automating complex care tasks for greater personalisation, accuracy and quality care outcomes.

In line with cloudyBoss’s unique royalty-share APEASE contract, participating organisation will derive revenue (via royalties) from future cloudyBoss projects/installations where their data has contributed to the commercialised solution.

For more information on participating in the cloudyBoss Eldercare initiative, contact CTO, Giovanni Di Noto –, or CEO, Lou Schillaci –

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