Brian Kindsvater Creates Guide to Copyright of Patents Law Useful for Patent Holders and Artists

Sacramento, CA, August 16, 2017 --( Brian Kindsvater is pleased to announce the creation of a new and unique resource providing information about whether patents are subject to copyright law. The web page at provides answers to common questions about the subject, important for businesses submitting patents, as well as artists and others making use of patent drawings for other purposes.

"There is a growing business of artists and others using patent drawings in their works. Sometimes the patent drawings are re-sold as-is. Other times they are incorporated into a different work. This needed guide will help these involved employees understand their rights. A guide devoted to these issues will help provide clarity about what the law requires and whether patent applicants can control how their drawings are used," according to Kindsvater. "Confusion about this issue continues to cause unnecessary lawsuits and antagonism between employers and their employees."

The Patent and Copyright Guide covers the issues and questions most commonly have:

When does copyright law apply.
Are rights given up when a patent is submitted.
What rights does the public have in a patent.
What do government regulations state.
Who would actually own a copyright.

In addition to covering these important matters, specific legal references to statutes, regulations, and pertinent court cases are included.

"A lot of people just need basic information on unique questions like this, and do not want to spend thousands paying an attorney," according to Kindsvater. The site includes answers to many of the most commonly asked questions that people have about the issue.

To find out more visit the Patent Copyright guide at

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