Best Local Chiropractor Adds Digital X-Ray to Their Services

Doylestown, PA, August 18, 2017 --( McQuaite Chiropractic, newly named Best Chiropractor for the 5th year in a row, has recently installed a state of the art digital x-ray machine.

Dr. McQuaite states, "There are many advantages to using digital x-ray in office. We say 'To see is to know, and we won't guess about your health.' We utilize x-rays to get a functional view of your spine and also help us rule out more serious conditions, which assists us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you."

Digital x-ray technology can be extremely beneficial to our patient's health and well-being. Digital x-ray technology and radiography utilizes digital x-ray sensors instead of traditional photographic film. This reduces the radiation by 75% and technology allows us to enhance the images by enlarging or darkening or lightening them on demand. This improves my ability to detect disease processes. This all adds to a faster diagnosis. Should there be something seen that doesn't seem right, the image can instantly be sent to other doctors for consultation.

These factors all work together to improve the level and quality of care. Since the development step has been removed, the speed of the whole process is improved which streamlines the treatment leading to greater patient satisfaction. Most patients are amazed once they see their digital images, and can often immediately identify their cause of the problem and degeneration. Digital films will also help you see potential problems you may not even know about and, most importantly, you'll learn how to correct them with drugs or surgery.

It's a whole new world with these electronic images, storage is simpler, no large floppy x-rays floating around to be misplaced or lost, the entire process is improved. Patients no longer need to wait while x-rays are processed, they are available instantly. Treatment can begin on the first visit providing immediate relief. The patients are the big winners with this process, gaining improved care and speed of treatment.

McQuaite Chiropractic is located at 295 Logan Street in Doylestown, PA. Those interested in learning more about all their services, including state of the art digital x-ray technology can contact McQuaite Chiropractic at 267-247-7000 or visit their website at
McQuaite Chiropractic
Dr. Jeff McQuaite