EverythingTiny Launches 3 New Tinysaur Skeleton Kits

Miniature dinosaur bones for crafters and amateur paleontologist to construct.

New York, NY, August 18, 2017 --(PR.com)-- This is EverythingTiny's third successful Tinysaur Kickstarter. The campaign was funded in under four hours, but there's still time to back the project and receive rewards. Tinysaurs are skeleton kits that crafters can assemble into a miniature museum specimen. Bare bones kits come with tiny laser cut bones and printed instructions. EverythingTiny also has 3D instructions on their website that visitors can rotate and zoom in on to see exactly how the bones fit together. The All-in-one kits include the laser-cut bones, printed instructions, a glass display dome and wooden base, tweezers, glue, and a magnifier -- everything needed to successfully build and display the tiny skeleton.

EverythingTiny's crowdfunding campaign features two new dinosaur skeletons, Brontosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus, and also a mythical creature, the Fiji Mermaid. The design work is complete, and they are raising funds to cut, print, and package the kits. Those funds came in swiftly and ensured that the Brontosaurus would become the next big Tinysaur.

The once-stately brontosaurus had been removed from the cladogram because of a mistake by O.C. Marsh during the Dinosaur Wars in 1879. Debunked as only an apatosaurus, which was also discovered by Marsh two years earlier, the brontosaurus went from being one of the best known dinosaurs to one of paleontology's best known blunders. However, in 2015, after a closer examination of Marsh's apatosaurus and brontosaurus fossils, scientists found significant enough differences to restore the bronto's good name. There are now three species in the brontosaurus genus. So it makes sense, with all of this history and drama, that EverythingTiny's Kickstarter backers love and champion the Brontosaurus skeleton as the most popular new Tinysaur kit.

The Quetzalcoatlus is also receiving love in the campaign, but it's harder to spell than pterodactyl for most people. It's even harder to say. Search "how to pronounce Quetzalcoatlus" and you might be surprised. The creature is larger than a giraffe and some scientists believe it could fly over 10,000 miles without stopping. In 2016, scientists observed birds sleeping in flight, and some paleontologists have extrapolated the pterosaur's ability to also sleep while in flight.

EverythingTiny's Fiji Mermaid is one of the designer's personal favorites. It's a mythical creature that inspired imagination in many generations of kids who visited a historic location in southern Delaware called the Zwaanendael Museum. In it there were maritime exhibits, and a history of agriculture, community, and architecture the Dutch settlers brought to Lewes Delaware in the 1500s, along with this one captivating taxidermied creature: The Fiji Mermaid. Sailors had a lot of time on their hands on a journey so they sculpted these fantastical creatures. Only a few still exist.

EverythingTiny's crowdfunding campaign will close on September 19th at 11 PM. They are currently ramping up production to create the parts and assemble them into the kits to ensure on-time delivery of the Kickstarter rewards. Campaign URL: http://kck.st/2vARz5h

Tinysaurs and Everythingtiny.com have been around since 2008 when the hackerspace, NYC Resistor, purchased a laser cutter. The original Tinysaur, designed by Kelly Maguire, was a model of the classic T-rex with a tripodal posture imitating a kangaroo. Herbert Hoover, owner of everythingtiny.com, has added 15 skeleton models and two add-on kits to the Tinysaur collection since their first Kickstarter campaign in 2013.
Herbert Hoover