Team Double-Click Expands Services to Non-Profit Organizations

Denver, CO, February 11, 2008 --( Team Double-Click®, the nation’s largest virtual staffing firm, offering a full array of services through its qualified virtual assistants, has expanded its service to include non-profit organizations.

These organizations, which thrive on the efficiency and economical use of their workers, can greatly benefit from the experience and ease of using virtual assistants. Outsourcing everyday tasks to Team Double-Click’s virtual assistants, who go through a rigorous screening and testing process before receiving work, non-profit organizations have the ability to free up time and resources for their more critical work.

There are numerous ways Virtual Assistants can benefit a non-profit organization, including: processing mailings, grant research and writing, donation tracking, field incoming calls and emails, help with licensing, volunteer recruitment and tracking, newsletter preparation, coordinating events and fundraisers, budgeting, website maintenance, and much more.

Team Double-Click® offers a variety of services including administrative, sales and marketing, transcription, human resources, finance, and real estate transaction coordination. With a pool of over 34,000 trained professionals to choose from, Team Double-Click® will help find the right virtual assistant for you. They do the screening, managing, and payment processing. They can also help you to evaluate your business to decide what should be outsourced to your virtual assistant to maximize your time and money.

The company has an unwavering commitment to its clients' and contractors' success. Team Double-Click® combines unparalleled staffing expertise with a dedication to improve their clients' business processes and profits.

Now, you can work with the nation’s largest virtual staffing firm, and the only virtual staffing firm to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. With over eight years of success in virtual staffing, Team Double-Click® is confident that it can match you with a professional who has the skills, personality, and communication skills to help you manage your non-profit. Best of all, the company’s virtual assistants own their own businesses and take personal responsibility in making your business the success you want it to be.

Author and marketing guru, Michael Russer, understands the benefits of virtual outsourcing extremely well. He transformed the real estate industry by espousing its advantages and used several virtual professionals for his book, “The Obsolete Employee: How Businesses Succeed Without Employees…And Love It!” “Literally, the one thing that I am doing is writing this book. Without them [virtual assistants], I couldn't finish it,” Russer reveals.

Janet Switzer, best selling author, urges businesses to assess their needs before using a virtual assistant. “Make a list of everything that needs to be done, determine what only you can do and delegate the rest,” she instructs. Since Team Double-Click's virtual assistants are contractors and not staff, businesses can scale their services to fit their budget. Russer states, “It is simple. Stick to what you do best and outsource the rest. End of story.”

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