Lead Costa Rica Private Investigation Firm WillSpy Expands

WillSpy’s services in Costa Rica are now available to all of Central America, Africa and St. Maarten.

Chicago, IL, August 21, 2017 --(PR.com)-- After eight years of providing service in Costa Rica, WillSpy (www.willspy.com) has expanded its private investigator services to include all of Central America, Africa and St. Maarten. “As our reputation grew, we started receiving multiple requests from clients in other countries,” says WillSpy Principal, Doug Smith. So he grew his team and quickly started meeting demand in other locations.

WillSpy is renowned for successfully recovering more kidnapped children than any other private investigators in Central America. The team has also recovered over 50 million dollars of cash and assets, over just the last eight years, for clients such as deceived spouses. One client has described the firm as “The dragon slayers in Costa Rica.”

The firm handles cases including: Construction security, process service, child recovery/parental kidnapping, professional verification (medical/legal), “Check-A-Mate” (is your mate cheating?), surveillance, background reviews for employment screening, real estate due diligence. The firm’s clients include attorneys, small businesses, large corporations, and private individuals.

“Our private investigators possess decades of experience in law enforcement, military special forces, investigations, and personal protection,” Smith says. These investigators are all certified and insured.

Due to their long experience in Central America, WillSpy has developed specific methods to deal with threats to clients’ finances, homes, and their persons whether visiting, investing or living in Costa Rica, and now the rest of Central America, Africa and St. Maarten.

“This expansion is the culmination of years of working in this region, where the rules and the practices are very different from other areas,” says Smith. “People who need a private investigator in any of these regions should always go to someone with experience and proper training and credentials.”

The firm also has highly-qualified associates in the United States. These associates can handle US-based cases, but also help Willspy optimally coordinate complex, cross-national cases.

“This is an extremely exciting development in the growth of our firm,” says Smith. “I think the key driver of our success, however, has always been our keen devotion to our clients, and delivering superb results while always maintaining their privacy.”

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Ron Adams