Muay Movement: The Journey of a Researcher

A new Blog about body training and largely unknown Martial Arts has been launched.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, August 22, 2017 --( Most of us have often reasoned on the real chance to make our dreams come true. You may have noticed how the mind immediately starts thinking about all the possible obstacles and we end up creating alternative solutions, deviating from the original instinct.

In this case, a clear determination can make a difference and moving in the direction of our intuitions is the only feasible way.

That’s the way Andrea started changing his life: Expert in Sport Science and Physical Education, he has always preferred the practical experience to the theory.

At the moment, he’s living in South-East Asia where he’s carrying out a considerable detailed study about Muay, thai warrior discipline tested on battlefields.

By seeking to share his experience, Andrea recently launched where he’s reporting specific information about Body Training and largely unknown Martial Arts.

Muay Movement is the Blog for people who want to be part of the Adventure from the East to the West and who are interested in supporting this ongoing research.

Articles, pictures and real time videos are suitable to describe everyday life, culture, folklore and training.

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Muay Movement
Andrea Manfredi