Emerging K-Beauty Brand MINNAVI Expanding Availability in US

Minnavi, the super popular Korean skincare brand will open their US online shop in September of 2017.

San Francisco, CA, August 23, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Minnavi is an up-and-coming Korean skincare and cosmetic brand at the heart of the K-Beauty trend and as of September 1st, 2017 Minnavi products will be available for purchase for the first time in the U.S. on its website – www.minnavi.us. Fans and followers residing in the U.S. will now have easy access through its own online store to Minnavi's core best-selling products. Minnavi’s award-winning products will be featured including their Time Release Delivery 7 Day Masks, toner, and fluid as well as their 100% natural Ampoule Concentrate system.

Minnavi has been making strides in Korea with their products since their launch earlier this year. Their all-natural vegan facial Ampoule Concentrate System has gone viral on Instagram, selling out their entire inventory in less than a month. In late 2016, Minnavi introduced their 7 Day Sheet Mask with their patented ingredient Whitenol, which is 400 times stronger than Arbutin, a commonly used ingredient for brightening. This new brand continues to be at the forefront of developing and employing the most innovative formulas for next generation skincare products.

"By extending the availability of Minnavi in the U.S. through our new ecommerce website, we are taking another step forward in showing the world what premium K-beauty products are all about," says Peter Cho, Minnavi CEO.

With its latest Ampoule Concentrate system, Minnavi has brought customizable skincare to the masses. There are 6 different ampoules being offered, each with unique individual functions. Ampoules can be mixed and matched depending on skin type, skin needs, and environmental factors. Minnavi products are designed to achieve younger, more radiant skin by addressing all major skincare concerns – sensitivity, brightening, moisturizing, nourishing, vitality, and elasticity. The ampoules have no chemical and toxic ingredients and they are 100% natural and vegan.

About Minnavi
Founded in 2016, MINNAVI broke through the K-beauty scene with their game-changing method of formulating, where all Minnavi products are adaptogenic; each product works synergistically with the skin to adapt their function according to the needs of the skin. Minnavi products facilitate and enhance the skin with optimally concentrated formulas activate the receptors that stimulate collagen and elastin, and encourage cellular regeneration and renewal.

Jason Jeon