Bushwick-Based Entrepreneurs Launch Superlost Coffee – A Single Origin, Small Batch Coffee Featuring Local Artists

For each pound sold, $1 goes to the farmer and $1 goes to the artist featured on the bag.

New York, NY, August 28, 2017 --(PR.com)-- David Roa and Craig Deahl, two New York-based entrepreneurs, announced today the launch of Superlost Coffee, a single origin, single farm relationship coffee roaster.

The beans are roasted in small batches in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and the packaging includes original artwork screen printed by hand, so no two bags will ever look or taste alike. Superlost gives $1 to the farmer and $1 to the artist for each pound sold.

“We believe in sourcing coffee exclusively from farms we have visited ourselves. The dirty truth behind the coffee industry is that the vast majority of coffee is grown in third-world countries and most coffee roasters have no transparency into the growing process, they just take the distributor’s word for where and how they sourced the coffee,” said David Roa, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Superlost Coffee. “We want to change all of that and make sure to have an intimate connection with the farms we buy from and be involved in each step of the grow. This allows us to work with small, individual farms in a way they haven’t been supported before.”

The first batch, called Solo Sábado, is a Colombian coffee from Caicedonia an area known for its high altitude coffee. High-grown coffee yields less fruit on the plant, but it produces a superior quality bean, translating to a cup quality matched only by a select group of coffee-producing countries. This batch of coffee boasts milk chocolate, raspberry and citrus notes.

The artwork on the first bag was designed by comic book artist, Michael Zolla. Solo Sábado means “only Saturday” in Spanish. This name is significant to this batch because in the tiny region of Colombia called Caicendonia where this coffee is grown, the tradition for the past 150 years is for the coffee farmers to roast the beans as a group, but only on Saturdays. It’s a ritual for the local coffee community and they proudly celebrate the fruits of their labor on this day.

“Each Superlost coffee batch has a different name and artwork,” said Craig Deahl, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Superlost Coffee.” We partner with local artists who create bag art based on how they interpret the name and taste of the roast. The company believes in giving each artist complete creative freedom to design the art they feel illustrates the roast profile.”

The half-pound, hand-produced limited edition first batch of Superlost is being sold exclusively through Facebook. For more information, visit: www.facebook.com/superlostcoffee.

About Superlost Coffee
Superlost Coffee is small batch coffee roaster based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The beans are sourced directly from farms visited by the founders, David Roa and Craig Deahl. Each roast's packaging is uniquely designed by an artist's interpretation of that batch. A percentage of the proceeds go back to the farm and artist responsible. For more information on Superlost Coffee, follow Superlost on Facebook www.facebook.com/superlostcoffee or visit the website http://superlostcoffee.com.

Press Contact
Laura Brusca, Director of Public Relations at Superlost, Superlostcoffee@gmail.com.
Superlost Coffee
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